Rules for Thursday’s Speech

Tonight’s class was awesome, I really hope that you are able to apply some of the information.

You can find information for lessons discussed  in 5 hour class lesson or in Technology in the Classroom


Prepare a 15 minute funny story to tell the class.

  • It can be any topic
  • Keep in mind you audience
  • Basic Rules
    • Your story can not be longer than 15 or under 13 minutes
    • Pick a classmate to help you with keeping time ( give them signals to give you at specific intervals)
      •  I used in my speech class Green card for 12 mins, yellow for 13 mins, red for 14 mins (wrap it up!)
    • Make at least one person laugh
    • If you use videos, it can’t be longer than 4 mins
      • Email me the video you want to use so i can have it for you
    • If you are having fun, the audience has a better chance to have fun with you

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