Martial arts

         Tae Kwon Do litereally means “The way of the hand and foot” and as I have studied it for the last 5 years, it has taught me more. My first master, Master Lando Cadawan taught me to respect myself and to that respect to others. through his moral code and 10 codes of wisdom I did well.

We commit ourselves to to mental and physical discipline, to be friend with one another and develop strengthen with in our group.

We shall never fight to achieve selfish goals, but to protect ourselves, our love ones and the week ones.

Our ultimate goal is to develop wisdom and build good character so that we can be the best of ourselves.

         As an adult, a new Martial Arts center opened around the corner from my job.  I signed up and fell in love, again. I trained and trained and worked my up to second degree black belt. Then I was allowed to train students. I taught my nephew a couple of things and… well… you take a look.

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