Lesson 3 “Breaking the Ice”

Great class, I really enjoyed your presentations and hints as to what some of your final projects will look like.

Primary Objectives

  • Develop a sense of comfort in front of the class
  • Develop a sense of time management for instruction
  • Engage your audience and maintain their attention

Secondary Objectives

  • Have fun
  • Be yourself, No one knows you better
  • Draw humor from your life experience

Here is a video I found on youtube about the five hour class

Info for Tuesday November 15

Tuesday we will begin our presentations.

  • Each presentation will be 40 minutes  long
  • Each presenter will use their time to effectively reach their objective
  • Presenters will use topics to cover their objective
  • During your 40 minutes
    • present your objective
    • cover your topics
    • give your 5 question quiz
    • give your 5 question survey
      • You should make sure you leave time to do this
  • My 5 hour lesson plan
  • My Videos 
  • Presenter List

Over the last classes, we may see two visitors that will help us understand paperwork that goes into the pre-licensing class as well as how to keep the class engaged in learning.

23 thoughts on “Lesson 3 “Breaking the Ice””

  1. As interesting as everyone’s time in front of the class ultimately became, it was obvious many students chose to do absolutely zero preparation with respect to the specific assignment. In my opinion, people who do not really want to take the course should wait until time allows them to get fully involved with the classroom activities. As dedicated and well prepared as Mr. W. clearly is, I doubt he’d like us to enter our Five Hour Classroom for the first time, look out across the eager student’s faces and say; “Hey everybody, I decided not to prepare anything for us to do today in class so we’re just gonna’ wing it!” Thanks again for the goodies Teach………….cd

  2. Very interesting and productive class last Thursday. Presentations were different, excellent and fun. I’m certain our final exam presentations will be high quality and very helpful in turning us into the best 5 hour class teachers we can and will be. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to learn and develop our teaching skills. You are already the best, Kye!!

  3. it was an awesome class , everyone was great it was interesting and funny at the same time , no one fell asleep everyone ws waiting for the next person to see was was going to happen, now you have to top that, see you on Tuesday.

  4. Well, I’m thinking their was a little confusion about what was expected for this assignment. Humor was not incorporated into all presentations. However, some had some very interesting topics. For some, this class was obviously their first presentation. There is always room for improvement. Overall…it was OK to good!

  5. I Thoroughly enjoyed the content of the class. I think there are different ways of approaching an assignment on how to entertain people for 10 minutes. Preparation is most often the first method used when endeavoring into teaching content to a class. However; performing to a a general audience for a comedic/emotional response is often the grounds for “winging it” with superior results. Marlon Brando is famously known as one of the finest actors in cinema and also famously known for never reading the scropt and relying on improvisation alone. Kudos to Chris D. for his Epic display and Kudos also to some of the natural comedy that arose from the off the cuff approach of our other presenters. CHEERS!!

  6. Lesson 3. Breaking the Ice was very interesting. Teaching a 5 hour class entails time management and engaging the students. It is important to keep your students engaged with the content of information being discussed. This lesson provided some great techniques to utilize.
    Lisa Chung

  7. I was very nervous, and because of that, I felt I held back because I wasn’t comfortable in front of everyone yet. After I watched everyone present, I learned a lot about my classmates as well as other ways I could approach a presentation and add humor.

  8. When the assignment was first presented to us, my first reaction was immediately put into TERRIFIED MODE Once I put some real thought into it and dug deep into MY LIFE and the things that make up ME, I then found just the perfect story to speak about, ZULIIAIRE! Everything after that point was easy. Although I was alittle nervous at first, I totally began to enjoy the vulnerability and the freedom. I felt comfortable probably because I was talking about a part of ME and having fun while doing it.

  9. It was nerve wrecking waiting to be called although I was the last presenter. I think this new presentation for Tuesday will be a little easier (I hope). Looking forward to a great presentation.

  10. Once Again Great Class..Great Classroom Participation Though Most Of US Were Nervous. That Was Really Breaking The Ice For Some Of Us..The Video The Instructor Needs To Raise The Bar.Full Classroom Attention Is Needed.

  11. I gave my speech as if I was telling some friends a hilarious story…I didn’t feel faked, rushed, or under pressure. For me every day is filled with interactions with people—in many different moods and mindsets. I know my delivery would have changed, my content and choice of words would have bee too, and IF the audience was packed in a boardroom or a room full of employees I supervise, my tone and overall demeanor would have been much different. I bring this up to highlight that I’m not the best speaker at all. With practice you get better, become more comfortable, and speak with a more authoritative stance. As a speaker knowing your content is a minimum expectation. Knowing your audience may be the biggest obstacle in the way of your comfort, confidence, and ultimately delivery. Read the room—before you read the speech.

  12. more phun… “getting to know you,..” great insight into the character of fellow students… fascinating opportunity to learn about self and others…

  13. Class#3,, I think was a fantastic experience for us all. Watching our class mates in action while ad-libbing and creating material off the cuff was fun and even showed us an abstract mirrored image of ourselves. No safety nets no preventive measures.. just new Instructors scaling the proverbial mountains of perfection as we fine tune the craft. What a blast.looking forward to class #4.

  14. I really enjoyed the class and I found the class to be very funny and enjoyable. Kye really lets you be yourself without having any unambitious in presenting our speeches in class. Very good class, Kye keep up the good work, see you next class.

  15. Class 3 was very interesting. Something that is very true is the statement, Best made plans of mice and men go awry. Nothing goes perfect. The speeches were funny and enjoyable.

  16. From this lesson, I wish I can build up my courage to speak in front the class. there is rarely any chance for me to speak in front of class in my life. mostly I like to listen to what people like to speak. Those who like to talk are funny. they make class go easily and fast. I will try my best , to become one of them and improve my ability to speech.

  17. I enjoy the speeches other students gave for lesson 3. My english is not very good so it will not be easy to give the speech but I will do my best.

  18. Lesson #3 was bit intimidating to say the least, but I understood the reasoning behind it. Learning tools to make our time more effective in the classroom, its making me think outside the box. It really made sense when Kye said everything we do in the classroom has to have a purpose!

  19. Lesson was awesome, didnt know we could all do it till we actually went up to present. It was great to hear everyones stories, and learned a lot from each other. Challenging but feels good to have done it, look forward to hearing the rest of the presentations!

  20. presentations were pretty entertaining and actually did not feel as nervous presenting as i initially thought. i look forward to the remaining presentations

  21. The class was fun. The speeches were a great learning experience. Kye did well talking to the copier in his pikachu voice but failed to make us laugh. 😀

  22. I was very nervous for my speech, listening to everyone’s speech is like a movie and very interesting. Thank you Kye for giving me confidence to do my speech and share my story. Thinking about it now, it was a lot of fun. 😀

  23. The speeches today were fun today and showed me how much being comfortable up there is just as important as the material if not more.

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