Born in Queens, raised on the Rockaway Peninsula and in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Kye Weaver is one of a kind, raised to be a Lifelong Learner.

He attended P.S. 289, I.S. 2, J.H.S. 180, Christ the King Regional High School

John Jay College of Criminal Justice for his Bachelors of Arts

Queens College for his Masters in Science

The College of St. Rose C.I.T.E Masters in Education Program, with a concentration in Educational Leadership Certification Program

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Currently Working on:

Ed.D at Concordia University of Wisconsin –  Concordia University Wisconsin’s Ed.D. in Leadership in Innovation & Continuous Improvement (LICI) program is a cross-disciplinary doctoral program that will create and develop innovators to make a significant impact in different vocations. (Expected 2021 – 2024)

-School District Leader (SDL) – Advanced Certificate (completed courses/ awaiting testing)


Master Of Science In Educational Leadership & Administration (MSED)

Center for Integrated Teacher Education (C.I.T.E)
Awarded School Building Leader Certificate (SBL)

Masters in Childhood Education 1- 6
New York State Initial Certification grades 1 -6

Major: Deviant Behavior and Social Control; Minor: Dispute Resolution
Certificate in Dispute Resolution – 2006

Professional Experience

Department of Education

D27 Robert H. Goddard Middle School 2018- Current 

Pre – Forensic Science Teacher (6 – 8)

Science Teacher (6th grade)


D23 Christopher Ave Community School PS 401

2013 – 2018

Science/ Technology Teacher

  • Manage school computers and technology resources
  • Create school-wide data systems which teachers use to input data and their drive instruction
  • Work with third and fourth graders to prepare them for NYS science test
  • Develop dynamic interactive fully engaged lessons that allow for maximum retention of information and participation
  • Tailor lessons to meet the needs of various students and maximize educational entree levels
  • Work closely with fifth-grade teachers and their students to develop concentrated job readiness skilled lessons
  • Provide teachers with training for interactive whiteboards
  • Launched School website CACS401.org

1st-grade teacher/ 2nd-grade ICT

  • Wrote lesson plans that aligned with NYS Common Core Learning Standards which utilized depth of knowledge skills
  • Differentiated assessments to create a rigorous learning experience and promoted academic achievement
  • Conducted group discussion, which helped organize student assessment data to adapt and modify instructional practices and increase academic achievement
  • Provided clear directions and expectations for assignments and classroom activities
  •  Maintained routines which established lines of support while co-teacher was assisting other students
  • Utilized student assessment data to drive instruction
  • Lead technology teacher for school environment
  • Provided technical assistance to teachers and support staff

Department of Education D75 P255Q @Parsons Educational Complex

2007 – 2013


  • Supported students with special needs in meeting their IEP goals
  • Fostered positive social interaction between all students through board games, card games and interactive video games
  • Created supplementary interactive lessons that help support mainstream material showing progression on alternate assessments in an inclusion setting

Technical Specialist

  • Aided in launching school website linking DOE webpage to new School portal (http://schools.nyc.gov/SchoolPortals/25/Q255/default.htm)
  • Strengthened classroom lessons with technology by working with teachers to develop ideas
  • Conducted technical management for professional development workshops; supporting the needs of administrators, participants, and guest speakers
  •  Established a systematic approach to handling sensitive equipment for youth to gain backstage experience and broaden their stage communication skills
  •  Volunteered after school to manage auditorium activities, enhancing communication between four schools located in the building

Queensborough Community College

Continuing Education Program

Driving Training & Safety Seminar


Meets the technical requirements of the DMV for future or present driving school instructors (also known as the “30-hour Basic Instructor’s Course” or “Methods and Content Course for in-car instruction” which satisfies the Commissioner’s Regulations, Part 76.15, of the NYS DMV requirements for certifying driving instructors).

  • This course helps prepare instructors to deal with the different learning styles as well as issues that may arise while giving instruction.
  • to understand how to remain calm in the most stressful situations
  • how to keep your client / Students satisfied.

Classroom Teaching Techniques

  • Help instructors
    • become aware of a driver’s responsibilities
    • understand the “rules of the road”
    • use safe driving concepts and crash avoidance techniques
    • understand why it’s necessary to use occupant protection devices to protect themselves and their passengers from injury
    • recognize the risk of driving when sleepy (fatigued or under the influence of alcohol or other drugs


Driving Instructor/ Driving Educational Supervisor

Dawns Auto School 2014- 2017

Successful Auto school     2016 – 2017

Franks Auto School 2006 – 2014

  • Pre- Licensing  Class instructor
  • Instruct individuals, ages 16 -74 on fundamental road safety while driving
  •  Supervise instructors to help create, manage and successfully implement practice road tests for TAG Drivers Education Program, welcoming and implementing feedback
  • Tailor highly effective lesson plans that target specific goals in safe driving practices
  • Create a warm, safe and positive environment for all ages to learn to drive
  • Maintain open communication with parents to address concerns about child’s driving skills, implementing practices where needed
  • Launched school website (Franksautoschool.com)

Kim’s Marital Arts Flushing Queens 2007- 2012

  • Collaborated with Master to develop strong lessons for youth, teens and adult students
  •  Built strong bonds with parents and guardians that ensured the comfortably of students
  • Developed lessons that enhanced students’ understanding and knowledge Tae Kwon Do
  • Managed specialized groups that fostered positive social bonds, which encouraged diversity
  •  Created a warm environment that allowed students to learn the fundamentals while reinforcing the morals and values of Tae Kwon Do
  • Achieved second-degree black belt under Master Kye Hyun Kym


Camp Wilbur Herlich – Summers  Group Leader 2003/2005/Resident Camp Director  2007

  •  Managed crises camp issues while overseeing resident camp staff
  • Oversaw evening activities
  • Assisted with Counselors In Training (C.I.T) program
  • Cared for youth ages 7 through 14
  • Led youth on guided tours of campgrounds
  • Told stories to keep youth claim during difficult times (storm-related, blackout 2003)
  • Insured campers kept good hygiene and good living conditions
  • Collaborated with youth to provided engaging evening activities

Child Center of New York 2002- 2013

The Child Center of New York is a youth development agency that oversees several DYCD Beacon Afterschool programs and clinics in Queens
Dance Instructor @ Parsons Beacon 168 (2011-2013) Activity Specialist @ Virgil R Grissum Jr. High School 226 (2010- 2011), Program Specialist @ MS/PS 43(2008- 2010), Adolescent after School Mental Health Outreach Worker @ Parsons Beacon 168 (2005-2007) Youth Worker Parsons Beacon (2002-2005)

  • Recruited at-risk youth and conceptualized activities, challenging them to step outside their comfort zone while strengthening socially acceptable behaviors
  • Managed game room activities, implementing structure and organizational habits that provide maintenance and longevity of game room supplies
  • Mentored staff while providing a supportive work environment
  • Coordinated inter-classroom tournaments allowing students to gain skills and showcase their talents
  • Implemented unisex video games which fostered equal attainment of skill based on practice while increasing game room enrollment
  • Pioneered a youth-centered council that met to discuss issues and concerns of the program to help shape youth-centered activities
  • Worked with youth in making short films that conveyed powerful messages and lessons about adolescent issues
  • Handled technical support of office equipment which increased office productivity and efficiency
  •  Case managed and mentored 35 youth ages 12 – 21
  •  Enriched the lives of youth by leading them out of their neighborhoods and onto college campuses, museums, and community service activities around the 5 boroughs
  • Provided homework help, hallway management, Art Class, Beacon Court, Game room activities, Mural painting, Gym activities, and Leadership workshops for youth from ages 5 – 16

Additional Involvements/skills/certifications

WTF (World TaeKownDo Federation) Second Degree Black Belt

Think I could do more? I welcome a chance to interview with you and discuss how.



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