Lesson 8 The Driving Environment

We are family imageFinally a great Thursday Lesson


Lots of class participation it was amazing thanks for the memories

Here are the objectives we covered tonight

  • become aware of the dangers of and precautions for driving at night
  • become aware of the hazards of, and defensive precautions for, adverse weather conditions
  • become familiar with problems caused by other drivers and vehicles
  • gain insight of the correct responses to vehicle equipment failures
  • perceive the special demands of urban, highway and expressway driving


Here are some of the videos we watched




**Remember Be careful of how you motivate your students**

Your comments tonight should reflect what you would like to be covered over the next two classes

Enjoy your weekend!!

Make sure you bring your books to the next class

18 thoughts on “Lesson 8 The Driving Environment”

  1. Participating class is a great learning experience, and as a result class goes smoothly. Thank you for a great class!

  2. I am waiting for one great class today , also lets hope we all do well on this upcoming test, see you all in class.

  3. I look forward to learning about what is considered professional behavior as driving instructors.

  4. I would like to understand how to use Google drive. Also, I would love to see your breakdown of how you teach the students how to drive.

  5. Had fun in class today and learned some new things about car mechanics and the driving environment. Also learned a little about life too.
    Thanks for that.

  6. I really enjoyed Thursdays class. I think all the videos we watched were very informative and I will be adding 1 or 2 to my 5-hour class that I teach. I also think that there was a lot more class participation this class. The only drawback was that I now know that Wendys has a four for $4…I could have lived without knowing that, as I love Wendys. Hopefully I won’t ruin a jacket if I go for the deal!

  7. Class was great like always. Help me to be a better instructor.The videos help me to expect the unexpected and be aware of potential hazardous conditions .

  8. I really enjoyed Thursdays class. I think all the videos we watched were very informative. The videos help me to expect the unexpected and be aware of potential hazardous conditions
    Thanks Kye

  9. Tuesdays class was as informative and interesting as other previous classes.
    I learned so much in each class in different ways. Each lecture is full of information, which is very important throughout of our lives, especially in our driving profession.
    After watching the you tube video, I will become more aware and teach my students to be aware of the dangers of clear reflection on wet pavement, rain “dimples” on road that hydroplaning may occur and precautions for driving at night. Also be aware of the hazards and precautions of adverse weather conditions and how to share the roadway with others, driving with pedestrians and animals, driving with light trucks, large vehicles and bicyclists, “Good drivers always calm down and slow down.” It’s little difficult to make them understand about the total stopping distance.

    From Chapter 12, I learned about the natural laws and gravity, as well as driving safely in low light and at night. I got more familiar with hazardous weather conditions, environments factors such as driving in hill or mountain areas.
    I really enjoyed the movie so much. I will recommend my friend and students to watch this movie. I see the picture of my son on the boy in the movie. I feel like my 5 years boy will turn like him, going for a girl like crazy. From now on, I will be more alert at night waking up couple of times to watch my kids not going out at night.

  10. Good Afternoon

    The Slides make a better understanding with the youtube videos you have provided. The Goal is to understand that driving when its rain can be dangerous if we dont know how to handle the situation. I’ve become more aware of when driving at night and to be cautions with weather conditions. Most important to be aware of the people driving next to you and the vehicles. it points out the that we have to check for out lights and road conditions.

    From chapter 18 I got a better understand of what Alcohol does to individuals that drink and drive. Also it gives me a better understanding of how sometimes we receive wrong information about drinking alcohol. Its important for us to share with other people that drinking and driving is extremely dangerous and to take out book and show them that its not only us speaking. People have to understand that Drug and Alcohol change our ability to drive. its also very important to those who have an addiction with drugs or alcohol to seek for help.

  11. Great Class..I Normally do driving in the night from State to State and they are lots of reckless driving out there.Stay far from those big rigs.Alcohol can changes the ability of a person to drive like impaired judgement. vision.to control the vehicle..

  12. like i say in the class, i watch this movie before, but not in the same way that i look in the class room because i was learning a lot about different kinds of situations we face in our driving daily life ,also to know about the responsibilities that is to make sure teach the rules not the exception and be 200% our vision in the road

  13. Just like airline pilots go through a checklist before EVERY flight, we should go through a similar exercise. How’s the weather, how’s our attitude, how am I with time. Planning goes a long way. AAA video was right—plan for being on the road. Pack a kit, a blanket, and other tools you may need. I always remember that sometimes when its not us contributing to the issues on the road, it is either the road or the equipment—(or other drivers). BUT if it isn’t any of the 3 things I mentioned, then it’s you—you are making worse for me and my family to drive. Speeding, driving crazily in the rain, racing at night on the highway, drinking/using drugs (legal and illegal) are all things that WE as drivers do that we don’t need to be doing. Driving at night, in traffic, and under adveres conditions makes driving all the most riskiest. Why would you want to to contribute? Get home safe, respect the road, prepare for the road and its issues, and you’ll be safer and make it home.

  14. Very interesting and useful videos. No. 1 rule when driving in adverse conditions is reduce the speed. Hydroplaning can also be prevented by reducing the speed. About rushing or dragging video, i didn’t really understand the idea, but one thing i am sure about that is we are definitely not in a kind of business where we can beat the students.

    Class participation was challenging but very useful. Overall the class is really preparing for the worst case scenarios.

  15. Lesson 8:
    This lesson was very comprehensive, I enjoyed every aspect of it. Thanks Kye, I really like the way you explained and give examples of the 6 steps in driving. I am definitely planning on using this method to teach in the future. Everyone participating was fun and it enlightens key areas which we might have missed or not know, a lot was learned from that as well.

  16. The clarity of the six steps is so much more relevant to me at this point. its a very good system and I will certianly be using it in my career as instructor. contrary to popular belief , you can teach an old dog new tricks. Im living proof of that.

  17. I am grateful that we’ve been taught on these six steps, I am going use it as a tool in my toolbox. It’s would create a basic fundamental steps to guide new students. very straight forward and simple. Thanks

  18. The slide where shorter this time it’s good info for new drivers and the aaa video is like what they would show in a defensive driving class

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