Lesson 4 “The Meat and Potatoes”

Kye’s 5hour class slide show 

I am writing this before the class so that we are all on the same page.

Primary Objectives

  • Analyze how students learn and what they may hear
  • Utilize students strengths and weaknesses to maximize learning potential

Secondary Objectives

  • Everyone has a lesson to teach.
  • Students and teachers go through a never-ending dance, but only one person leads at a time.
  • Leadership is about flexibility.
  • There is more then one way to reach a single point.


You Don’t Know Who You Have In Your Class

Video Watched

“How People See Things”


“How People Processing Language”


“How People Read”


“How People Experience Frustration, Anxiety and Tension”



What does this have to do with teaching the 5 hour class?



Pre- License course objectives and pages to address them

Many of these pages intertwine and can cover multiple objectives. We want our students to walk away with a well rounded knowledge of the road, road conditions and their responsibility in it all.

Our mission while teaching The pre-licensing Course is to educate New York State’s new drivers by promoting safe, courteous, defensive and alcohol/drug-free driving


  1. Define and recognize driving as a mental, physical and social task that involves the interaction of the operator, the environment and the vehicles.
    1. 11-17
    2. 56-58
  2. žRecognize the importance of protecting motor vehicle occupants from possible injury or death by using all occupant protection devices.
    1. 52-55
  3. žTeach the rules-of- the road, emphasizing those that promote safe driving.
    1. 25-28
    2. 45-48
    3. 71-75
  4. žIdentify factors such as fatigue, alcohol, and other drugs that can impair a driver’s ability to operate a motor vehicle
    1. 49-51
    2. 81-90
    3. 105-106
    4. 109
  5. žRecognize dangerous drivers and driving situations and learn how to react safely.
    1. 18-24
    2. 29-37
    3. 38-40
    4. 76 – 80
  6. žUnderstand the influence a driver’s state of mind can have on their behavior and how this affects their actions while driving.
    1. 41- 44
    2. 59- 70
    3. 76 – 80
    4. 107 – 108

Kye’s 5hour class slide show 

29 thoughts on “Lesson 4 “The Meat and Potatoes””

  1. I liked how the videos presented by our Instructor show how easily an instructors delivery can create anxiety in a learning environment. It was interesting to see how anxiety hinders the learning experience and makes for a lasting (in some cases damaging) effect on the individual. I will be mindful of how my delivery will affect students both for my class presentation and eventually teach a Five hour Pre Liscensing course. Cheers!

  2. It is no surprise to me, that what you say, and how you say it, has a tremendous impact to different individuals. The video presented in the classroom on Tuesday was an excellent presentation of how damaging words can be. I will certainly try to present, in a way that will not offend anyone. Great lesson!

  3. Overall excellent class and am looking forward to preparing my presentation for next Tuesday. I wish I had more time as I’ll be teaching the 6 hour defensive driving class both Sat. & Sun and of course I work Wed.. thru Fri & next Monday….good practice in stress management and rapid fire development of materials. I can’t believe we are halfway through this class already. I look forward to coming back to help support you in future classes on this stuff in years going forward!! You’re the best!, Professor Weaver!! Where else could I have my professor change my tire.

  4. While I essentially agree with the precepts advanced in the “F.A.T.” video clip, Teachers of all sorts should avoid being overly supportive and adversely “babying” students thereby creating individuals woefully unprepared for the harsh realities of real life. Deft Instructors have to challenge student’s desires for success as well. Ensure the early learner accepts his or her classroom responsibilities right from the start and also make clear they will be held accountable for all their efforts or lack thereof.

    “The two most destructive words in the English language are Good Job”

    1. Gosh I truly believe telling someone who deserves it that they did a good job is uplifting for both the receiver and the giver of that comment!!

  5. The video clip we watched in class on Tuesday is a nice example of how an instructor can create a nervous atmosphere in class. A nice communication environment creates a learning environment for the students, and it all depends on instructor.

  6. I enjoyed the videos you showed us. I believe in the perspective issue. I for one am so happy that I don’t have to present tonight so I will have a week to prepare. Taking a class like this has taught me how to multitask. I feel like I have learned a good amount. It is good to take a course in a classroom setting rather than online. The human interaction is an important component of the class. I’m looking forward to seeing the presentations tonight.

  7. I’ve never seen the FAT city videos before and after viewing, I find them to be a necessary guide for all teachers. I really do think all educators should watch these videos, no matter what type of material they teach, or what age group of students they have. They help tremendously! I watched the reading video and I could not agree more with the teachers’ lesson. If an individual understands the meaning of every word in the passage, it doesn’t mean they will understand the passage. It is important we do not assume.

  8. That F.A.T video was great alot of information. I am excited to hear everyone’s presentation as well as doing mine.Great job on leading us Kye.

  9. The F.A.T videos made me look at learning from a different perspective. As a teacher, I will need to be patient and kind, and be willing to teach a struggling student to understand the lesson, possibly by teaching from a different angle than the rest of the class. I just hope at the time I can find the right angle for that particular student. Thank You Kye for sharing them.

  10. Once Again Great Classroom Participation.I Never See The F.A.T Videos..Great Learning Experience..Our School Teaches People That Have Disabilities.

  11. I live by what this gentlemen is saying about making a victim by chastising a pupil. They must feel confidence and feel progress learning under the tutelage of their teacher.

  12. The fat videos were very interesting to watch. I learned quite vividly that people understand retain interpret and share information very differently. But this came from a very scientific perspective in a controlled environment. In class it’s not a controlled environment and in class it’s not scientific at least the business that we do. For some it may be just sitting in a class in hearing me speak for a couple of hours and then walking away. But for those that really want to do a great job and really want to learn and can’t because of some obstacle and for the teachers that have a passion behind with their teaching it’s quite important to really understand how students interpret data and discuss it and learn it so that we can make the greatest impact and really do achieve the goals that we have whatever that maybe.

  13. Once again, another great class and example from professor Kye. He makes it look easy to deal with the public or audience. Even though it isn’t, the way he approach the lesson and how to be interactive and humorous makes it easier to stand up and teach. Great teaching style which I am hoping to mimic.

  14. Class 4 was very interesting. The video explained different frustration s that can happen to students, also how students perceive things and the way a student process things. I had a student in the car that wasn’t processing a new way to parallel park. She was confused. I changed the way I explained it and asked questions and she got it. Learned a lot from class 4.

  15. The FAT videos were awesome, nervous about the 30 minute presentation look forward to seeing the first 2 presenters and to learn a lot from them!

  16. Today we watched a video How People Read. We always think from our own point of view and forget other people’s, it is important to remember this when working with students.

  17. The class was interesting. The videos with the teacher learning was funny but showed how under pressure even teachers can have a hard time learning. We always have to remember the audience and be careful what we say.

  18. The slide show is fantastic, lately I find myself just itching to host a class in powerpoint. I just love the visual concept and the hands free social freedom of this technique. so many more avenues of teaching a lesson can be explored through this method. Im a big fan of the powerpoint learning system. its really kool the way the slide show is set in a sort of rhythmatic order. The clarity of the messages are so much easer for the student to absorb.
    Kye’s slide show is a terrific example.

  19. Very interesting class, the different ways on how people receive and understant information. I’m a firm believer that you should walk on other people shoes before judging. Love how the teachers reacted when their understanding of things was questioned.

  20. fascinating videos on social interaction… how we must consider the impact of our words on others, and not assuming or prejudging others. i always am conscious of what i feel about others, perhaps an intuitive approach to what to say or not say, where to go or not go with any particular student. i aim to encourage a relaxed attitude in the car, as in calm and centered, but an attentive alertness as well. the Smith System and IPDE method are essential. The F.A.T. city videos are important for understanding a proper consideration of learning disabilities. lots of heart energy required, a nurturing approach…

  21. the videos were very interesting, definitely gave me a new perspective on how to teach and how to communicate

  22. The video is very useful in preparing for my speech . I will try my best to do my speech . Good luck for me .^_^

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