Classroom Teaching Techniques

Course or Program Title Classroom Teaching Techniques
Course Code BUX-186
Schedule  May 31st- July 5th
Instructor Name Kye Weaver
Contact Information ,
Course Description Guidelines, instructional techniques, and actual demonstrations of effective teaching procedures designed to help driving instructors attain a higher level of  professional skill in presenting the DMV’s Prelicensing Course.**Students must hold an Instructors Card from a licensed driving school and at least One year behind the wheel instruction to be qualified to teach the course.**
Prerequisites/Entrance Competencies
  • Hold a NYS valid Instructors Card for at least 1 year
  • Hold drivers license for at least two years
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Able to work within a structured time
  • Must be a people person
  • Must be able to work well under pressure
Learning Objectives The purpose of the Pre-licensing course is to help the new driver:

  • become aware if a driver’s responsibilities
  • understand the “rules of the road”
  • use safe driving concepts and crash avoidance techniques
  • understand why it’s necessary to use occupant protection devices to protect themselves and their passengers from injury
  • recognize the risk of driving when sleepy (fatigued or under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
Materials/Books How-to-drive Text Book, Youtube, Portaportal Links,

How to Become Driving Instructor

This is the only required manual

Pre-licensing Course Instructor’s Manual (you should print out and keep available)

Outline/Assignments  Topic Topic Exams/Quizzes/Projects/ Homework
Class 1


Introduction To Pre-Licensing Course  

Print out Pre-licensing Course Instructor’s Manual

Read half the manual

Class 2



Pre- Licensing Course

Leave Comment about lesson 2

finish reading manual

Class 3


Using technology in lessons Leave Comment about lesson 3

Prepare a 5 min Introduction speech about yourself.

Class 4


Using humor to get through it.

“breaking the ice”

Everyone present about yourself

Leave Comment about lesson 4

How did you feel about your speech?

Class 5



4 Presenters

“the meat and potatoes”

Leave Comment about lesson 5
Class 6



4 Presenters

“wear sunscreen”

Leave Comment about lesson 6
Class 7



4 Presenters

“may i have some jelly with the message”

Leave Comment about lesson 7
Class 8


Presentation Leave Comment about lesson 8
Class 9


Presentation Leave Comment about lesson 9
Class 10


Professional Growth  What are you going to do with your new skills?
Grading Policy/Scheme Certificate program students must earn a minimum of a C to pass a course for the purpose of earning a certificate.  If a student fails a course, CE will send him or her letter to retake the course free of charge within one year.  This privilege can be exercised only once during the duration of the program.  This privilege does not apply to WIA voucher students or students whose tuition is being paid via contract.

  • Attendance                         15%
  • Exam 1/ 2                           50%
  • Homework                          20%
  • Class Participation             15%

Grading parameters follow the college academic grading policies for C and above:

A      96-100                   C+    77-79

A-     90-95                     C      74-76

B+    87-89                     C-    70-73

B      84-86                     D     60-69

B-     80-83                     F     below 60

Attendance Policy Attendance for all 10 sessions is required.  If a student cannot attend one session, it will be the responsibility of the student to master the information covered.  Repeated absences will result in a reduction of the student’s grade for attendance and possible incomplete for the class.
Rules of Conduct All cell phones/electronic devices turned off Respect others’ opinions Don’t interrupt fellow students Arrive on time

Participation makes the class go faster


15 thoughts on “Classroom Teaching Techniques”

  1. Excellent class about the basics of what will be needed to effectively teach the pre-licensing 5 hour course. Since I’m certified to teach the 6 hour course…learning how I can tweak that material and improve on it to teach the 5 hour course is awesome. I’m looking forward to this with great enthusiasm. Kye you are the best!!

  2. Well Hello everyone; Chris Damien here wishing all tremendous success during this course and well after we say our final goodbyes. Class was a blast Tuesday evening and it looks like we’ve got a real lively group which is gonna’ make things fun going forward. Many thanks to you Mr. W for bringing your pertinent insights into the proceedings and keeping things swiftly paced the whole time. Here’s to each of us!…………

  3. Love the animated simulation videos shown during lesson two; both the overhead and driver’s point of view were very helpful in demonstrating the particular scenarios and the inherent risks associated with each of them. Same time split screens of both views would be a cool addition. The two second rule with respect to safe following distances really works; I tested it several times on the way home from class………thx, cd

  4. It`s was a very informative class session we had.Looking forward to many more sessions like this.Thanks Kye.

  5. Looking forward to this class.I’m glad to see the outline in reguards to teaching a class.And I’m sure Kye will make this a fun class.

  6. In getting ready for the third class, I find I am looking forward to the night. I am much less intimidated than before this course started. I was apprehensive in the beginning to speak in front of 22 people. With Kye being so encouraging and positive, I’m beginning to think I can handle this 🙂

  7. I really like the question and answer class. It helped me some answers that I was looking for. I’m looking forward to being at class tonight, but will definitely miss going. Kye has been such awesome teacher and a wonderful human being. Much continued success to him.

  8. I attended a class last night about driving and drinking classes ,there are so many things to learn from those classes . Kye is wonderful teacher , I feel like chatting with my friend instead of I am in the classroom .

  9. We learned about the dangers of drinking and driving, it is important to always drive safe and wear seat belts. The class is very interesting.

  10. Crazy that this was the first class and we did not know what to expect, now we have come so far, awesome progress!

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