Lesson 3- The First Driving Lesson

 Leave a comment below about something you liked, and something you think can be done better.

Objectives of the class

  • Comprehend the limitations and individual differences of each student and adjust his/her plans accordingly.
    • Properly prepare the student for operation of the vehicle
    • Familiarize the student with the functions of all the controls
    • Demonstrate a working knowledge of starting procedures, acceleration, gear-shifting, braking and stopping

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The Fish of the matter

  • Expect to teach one skill a lesson
  • You can review other skills, but remember your primary lesson.
  • Students should not be expected to master basic functions of the car, just familiarize themselves with it.
  • students should be made to feel comfortable with their learning progression. Allow time to ask questions to clear up misconceptions.


How do you think you would handle this student?

Joel was able to find the text book at this site ValoreBook.com,   

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44 thoughts on “Lesson 3- The First Driving Lesson”

  1. Hey Kye . I am enjoying your class very much ,to make it better , I think and is my opinion , nothing , you make it enjoyable , you make sure no one falls asleep, you touch on all the points and make sure everyone gets it,with all the courses that I have taken , there is a lot of things that are gone over , thanks for making the class so much fun.

  2. Great class last night. what you’re teaching is a basic understanding of skills combined with motivational characteristics and techniques. I’m confident that we are all fortunate to have you as our instructor.

  3. I continue to learn a lot from class. I would like to learn to create a website. Also I liked when you told us about google drive. I should start using that.

  4. Hey kye, I tend to relate to a lot of things that are being taught in the class. Its a reassurance that I’m doing somethings right as an instructor on the road. I like the class, your doing a good job!!!

  5. The thing I liked most was learning your teaching method. The thing that can improve is using videos that are more clear (Could not understand what the woman was saying). Thanks

  6. So far what we have done, what I like is the connection I can make with your experiences to mine. One thing that can be improved is having a longer break and bigger seats.

  7. Thano you for the lesson great experience everything comes into an experience on driving and teaching.

  8. really enjoyed last night’s class! the PP really helped keep everything on point. learned a few tricks that i’m planning to implement today. lets see how that goes.


    commercial jets speeds:
    A commercial jetliner usually takes off between 160 and 180 mph. The varying speed can be due to wind resistance, overall weight capacity and/or the use of high-lift devices.
    Cruising Speed
    Airspeed is measured with respect to the velocity of the object through the air. The average cruising speed is between 550 and 580 mph. Wind resistance is a key factor when determining the speed of the aircraft.

  9. Class was great! Kye, you’re an amazing teacher as usual. If I could only bottle up your charisma and enthusiasm and use them to enhance my 5 Hour classes, I would never get a bad review! I took lots of notes too, which I recommend. I didn’t really see anyone doing this, but it DOES help you remember. I always read them back, and remember something that I had forgotten about. I look forward to the next class tomorrow, as well as gaining more knowledge and getting to know my classmates better!

  10. Good morning Kye,
    Re: comments concerning 30hr course.

    I enjoyed both your classes.
    They were informative, stayed on topic and easy for students to contribute.
    You also made it fun in class ! That increases students involvement and the commitment to learn. This also has students looking forward to the next class.
    When the time goes fast in class, that in my opinion is when the students are more eager to contribute and
    Also makes the course content easier to learn.
    (That is, making it fun)

  11. I am learning so much and thank you for making it fun. I enjoy the demonstrations of concepts which make them interesting and easier to remember.

  12. I liked how you emphasized of first contact with the students. I believe that aspect is very important when meeting with the new students.

  13. Hi kye
    Although my English is not very good, but I still enjoy the point that you taught us in class. My opinion is safety and patience is the first.

  14. Another helpful lesson, discussed importance of not presuming the student has your same expriences.

  15. The student on the phone I would’ve taken him out of the dirver’s seat the same way the woman did. As for chapter 6 wow there is so much, I just get in and drive but when I’m reading how to drive it really hits home and I realize how important it is to get this point across to my students.Driving for over 20 years you get to comfortable and can tend to get lax about driving this is not to be taken lightly.On the other hand it also reveal’s how inconsiderate other driver’s can be and are.This book should be a requirement for obtaining your driver’s licence

  16. Me and including everyone is having just a good time. This class is not boring or anything!
    Lesson 3 was great 🙂
    -Thanks Kye

  17. Lesson 3 was very informative, I have learned a lot. I really like the way you present the content.
    The video:
    As a instructor, I would have stated my expectation(s) to the student before the lesson. In today’s world young adults are always on their phones, so I would have made it clear that there is no use of a cell phone during the driving session, but like today’s generation this student used his phone… I would have asked him to pull over (maybe it was important) to answer the phone. With these kinds of students you have to be patient, but I would have eventually taken the wheel because he continues. We cannot have such drivers on the roads they will cause accidents that could have been avoided.

  18. Good evening

    Lesson 3 was very informative and teaches us that we have to be very patient. We have to inform the student how to operate a vehicle. Also we need to understand that every student will learn on their own pace.
    From the youtube video I learned that becoming an instructor is a huge responsability. It demonstrated me that a student can make you lose patience and see how you will handle situations.

  19. The class is great . Easy to understand and not boring always something to learn. The video was very interesting
    I would explain the rules of the car and the lesson for the day to the student.If the student cannot obey the rules he will be driven home.

  20. Class was great on Tuesday. Reading into chapter 6 a couple of main ideas to work on stuck out at me: using judgement, planning traffic moves, and communication with and around other traffic. The step by step instructions on how to execute the act of “driving” are clearly outlined and they are great to incorporate while teaching students, BUT, the main ideas to get across to my students remain. The video with the instructors was too real (even though there was a hidden camera and the student was in on it). While I dont drive in the car, I too have witnessed the attitude displayed in class—by adults AND kids alike. You had a broad range of approaches/reactions from the instructors: laidback to aggressive to almost criminal—some drove the point home quickly and firmly about the cell phone and some didn’t. Either way, the instructors were concerned enough to call it out. I felt that NONE of them did anything we discussed in class about introduction, breathing, controlling the car, focus on one skill etc…I felt it was get in…and go.

  21. Lesson 3 lecture was very impressive thanks to professor. Having a Course of plan for every lesson are essential. However it allows the the instructor to approach new students with basic listening skill and create line of communication between you and student for what they fear while driving or what they already know from experience.
    The video posted above clearly expresses that there weren’t any rules that were mentioned from the beginning of the lesson. Either way instructor should always keep it together and always be professional.

  22. I think the teacher should know that some things was wrong,with the students behavior ,and right away stop the car,could cause a very serious accident

  23. Lesson #3 was very learnable; we have earned more details about 6 basic steps which is very important in our driving profession. The video was pretty funny, but of course it happens in lifetime. If this situation occurs during my driving lesson, I would try to be nice enough with the student and have him or her turned off. the device. If it it doesn’t work that way, I would defiantly be stick enough , if necessary, that can lead me to discontinue the lesson.

  24. Once again I say the class is great! It’s easy to understand. Not boring at all, You know how to explain.
    The video was interesting and funny but this can happen in real life. I learned a lot from the video.
    I understand I might be hard being a instructor but with you teaching me it sounds like it’s going to be so easy!
    -Thanks Kye

  25. Lesson 3 explains clearly what should be accomplished by the student, familiarization! I really like the fact that a student must understand the different components of the vehicle and how to use them, the initial process is what set the stage for the lessons ahead. I think instructors should be as motivated as the student, show them how excited you are that they are learning how to drive and what a huge accomplishment that is.

  26. Second video hmmm…. That would have been his first and last with me personally also I won’t teach in a car without a brake on my side I like my life!

  27. Thank you, for making these classes so enjoyable and you had created ways to help us learned as a group and sharing ideas like building a bridges through our thoughts. and show us how to identify our common objectives of instructing students, so they may master those skills. It is so true that we all can learn from each others as we teach.

  28. What I gained from this lesson is, that the instructor should be just as prepared as the student drivers. The instructor should be able to deal with any challenge that comes from dealing with people from all different walks of life. It’s the instructors responsibility to teach and get the student familiarized with the controls, safety and proper operational skills of the vehicle.

  29. I really enjoyed the group exercise we did for Lesson 3. Finding common key words between the groups was a great way to illustrate the key components we should use to instruct our students.

  30. ENGLISH DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: I don’t think the student could survive 60 lessons with this instructor. The student is clearly in a state of panic through out the lesson. The instructor lacks patiences , is sarcastic at times and instills fear of paying for accidental damage. A classic example of an instructor expecting the student to know about driving what the instructor already knows.

  31. It is just as important for the instructor to be able to understand what they are teaching as much as it is for the student to understand what they are learning. Miscommunication and misunderstanding happen very often as i have learned through my experiences teaching. In order to instill confidence into your student, you need to also have confidence in your teaching. Your attitude will reflect your student. The more nervous you are, the more nervous your student will be. The more relaxed and calm you are, your student will be just as relaxed and calm. As Kye said, learning should be fun as long as the student is actually learning

    The first video was a great example of what not to do.

  32. I have some comments for the 1st video.
    This is a great example for instructors how they shouldn’t teach driving to their students.
    I’ve realized two things in this video;
    – The student was ok at the beginning of the lesson. The instructor made her nervous by talking away and making comments continuously.
    – As we discussed in the lesson, instructors should let the students make mistakes to understand the whole picture of driving.

  33. Day 3 was great, the group activity to find common phrases was really helpful and i definitely picked up more tools and tips for teaching in the future.

    Video 1 was a great example of what not to do as the instructor was impatient and you could tell the student was in a state of panic.

    As for video 2, i think it was a little tougher to deal with the student because the instructor kept saying i have no brake. I actually dont know what i would do in this situation, maybe you guys can give some thoughts cause this can very possibly happen though it has not happened yet. Touch wood haha

  34. As a teacher your must show confidence and patience. All student need a teacher who understand and allows there students to learn, maybe not as they did but progressively just as learning the alphabet or basic math as we all did, driving is the same. To succeed , is a goal that all want and need to be productive people in society. Teach on a curve to allow your student to self correct them self and practice is the key.

  35. In class: It was a good group exercise experience how to teach student parallel parking. It was a very interesting way to find common terms such as parallel, signal, space, stop, look, gear, speed and 1-2-1 wheel turning that should be used in teaching parallel parking – enjoyed participating.

    The first driving lesson and the video: The most basic things such as turning the key to start the engine, pressing the gas paddle, inspecting the interior of the car to find loose objects such as bottle water, and locating and practicing the signals can be overseen during the first lesson, yet these are the few of the most important things to do. As we see in the video, the instructor did not do anything that is mention in the slides of the first driving lesson. Kye lesson 101, do not assume that the student know anything about the car and driving the car. As a driving instructor, it is instructor’s responsibility to go over with the student all the pre-operative instructions and procedures.

  36. Great videos. If an instructor cannot remain calm, they’re going to have a very difficult time teaching their students, and making them feel less stressful.

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