Lesson 6: The Role of Attitude in Safe Driving

Lesson 6 <~~~~~~notes



  • Will identify the causes and characteristics of attitudes and personality affect driving safety
  • Will recognize personality patterns that affect behavior
  • WIll apply their knowledge of personality patterns to driving situations
  • Will become aware of attitudinal- improvement efforts

Goal: The attendee will become aware of how attitudes and personality affect driving safety.


As well as the road test from the movie


Use the Evaluation form to give a friend a mock road test

Evaluation Form

Print Two

 Explain the evaluation form to them
  1. Give them the test (Aprox. 10- 15mins)
    1. Write on the back of the form how they felt taking the test
  2. Let them give you the test
    1. Write on the back of the form how you felt taking the test
  3. Bring it in for discussion

28 thoughts on “Lesson 6: The Role of Attitude in Safe Driving”


  2. It seemed that the boy in the video constantly seeks approval from friends and his female interest. However, he is constantly disappointing his parents and lies to everyone to feel socially accepted. If the boy was responsible like his sister, he would have attained his driver’s license and be able to drive on his own without lying to friends and family. The boy constantly defies his parents and wants to better his status in front of his friends and female interest. A boy that age wants to feel accepted into the social norms, therefore, he will do what it takes to possibly achieve acceptance into his peer environment.

  3. The movie showed us a lot. In a way that the kid felt pressure about his friends and trying to impress a girl. Which In my opinion les should play it safe then sorry.

  4. Interesting film…kid seems like a good guy and you hope he gets away with his caper. I did something like that in college. My parents kept the car at a nearby garage…and when I was 18 I took the car out to go out with a girl from Brooklyn. I got away with it clean and got the car back to the garage and they never knew what I had done…hope that happens in the movie.

  5. Class 6 was good even though I was late. I enjoyed the class discussions as well as the youtube videos. The powerpoint wasn’t so powerful though. I feel that they give useful information, but they are not memorable to me after class. I find myself only remembering the class discussions. Maybe that’s just me, I don’t know. Again, I like that classroom better than the auditorium style classroom, which has too much of an echo and gives a feeling of being out of touch from the instructor as well as the other students.

  6. I enjoyed Class 6 as well as the videos.
    The class went swiftly as it kept me interested in observing and contributing.
    I have honestly enjoyed all the classes of this course.
    Kye, you keep the class interesting, entertaining and fun. These traits in my opinion
    are needed in any required college course.
    I am never bored, disinterested or sleepy.
    Thanks !!

  7. Class was really enjoyable. It was fun to contribute on the board and talk with my classmates. We have a great class, full of diverse personalities. It is very interesting to hear everyone’s point of view.

  8. The class topic about attitude was like you said very overwhelming both because of content and nature of complexity in that we will come across many many attitudes out there. Two things that stuck out at me were the following: 1: teach the student how to survive in a “driver’s world” because they know how to survive in their world…you’re not going to get much influence over that. 2: Bringing walls down. Our reactions to situations (even letting them fail) will lower walls that are probably already “up”. By allowing certain things to happen—experiences—you allow the student to learn. AND that builds confidence, shapes attitudes, and will ultimately bring the walls down. I attend this class with a deficit in experience behind the wheel and in a 5hr setting: BUT even in my setting of a 6hour Defensive Driving Class, the attitudes come out, the teaching of survival in my student’s worlds is taught—to ME—in MY CLASS—that THEY paid for. They clearly know better than me…and so the insights learned in your class will help me tremendously.

    Chapter 11 was good to read—I especially liked the topics around the things on the road “smaller” than our cars. Pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists represent an enhanced danger since many drivers cannot always see them. Case in point…on the way home from the last class—I almost ran over a pedestrian—completely ran over her—almost. The reason and with all due respect. She was a little person and as I was making a right turn onto 10th ave from 37th st, she was crossing—but I didn’t see her—at all—due to her height. I hit the brake hard as I could as she crossed my path. I didn’t hit her. As a driver, I would have been at fault for the accident. As a pedestrian, while they have responsibilities too, the intent of the law is to offer protection to them vs. an object bigger than them that can kill them. Ask me about the pyramid of liability. Lesson learned…

  9. I enjoyed lesson 6 looking forward to the continuation of that lesson.The videos were not available for me to view.In chap.6 I’m glad to see the information they are giving the new drivers.I hope they can retain the information it can really help a new driver. The part about driving with trucks on the road hit home for me because I deal with it on a daily basis, and there are so many pointers the make it so easy to share the road with trucks but some people just don’t understand what it requires too operate that truck. As I was reading lesson 4 I can vision all the different scenario’s in my mind and how I will be able to pass this on to my student’s. There have been many time’s that I failed to become as good as I am at what I do. Hope that doesn’t sound cocky but I just want to get that point across you have to respect the vehicle.

  10. it is very interesting ,about the road test,when you driving has been check for another person and see your position like driving instructor

  11. Attitudes And Personality does not affect safe driving only but one’s general life like work place school etc..Safe Driving you have to have be stress free no emotions no peers pressure so you can focus more about driving.The Videos does not open.Chapter 11 Pedestrians posed many problems for drivers such as jaywalking crossing the street without looking and walking across street or roadway being distracted by Electronic Phone I Pad and Listening to Music..As a safe driver you have to look out for these Pedestrians.Remember Cars Does not go to the Hospital is People go to Hospital.Pedestrians are difficult to see when they are walking the are smaller than cars and trucks they do not have headlights or brake lights.As An Instructor I Always tell my students beware of Pedestrians they all have the Rights..To Be Honest Lesson 6 was a tough nut for me to crack but i read it over and the information from the classroom really helps me..Lesson Was a great one as you grew older you learned more never knew about these stuff before.Kudos To The Prof Kye he make it simple to understand..

  12. Good Afternoon

    I enjoyed Lesson 6 because you provide us with so much information. I am more then happy to be in you class and get the FISH instead of the Ghoti. We also have to reteach ourselves that the “sometimes” is not always a good choice. As you mentioned we have to ” teach the rule not exception”. It’s always a good feeling to come to class because theirs communication and a good sense of humor. from Chapter 11 I really like how this book makes each lesson very clear. It pointed out that we always have to be caution when driving with Pedestrians, animals,Bicycles, motorcycle, light trucks, small vehicles and large vehicles. Thanks to the FYI I’ve received more information and it helps me become more aware. As Drivers we have to make sure that in our blind spot anyone or anything can be there, we must pay attention, look and make sure we have the time and space.

  13. Attitude and personality both can have enormous affect on anyones driving. Attitude can be different when a driver is relax and body is calm oppose to somone whos emotion can interfere with there consciousness and who’s is making rational decision while driving. However I feel personality interplay when the driver for example wants to learn to drive and is enthusiastic with the idea. As an instructor it can be challenging teaching someone who fears getting behind the wheel. Aside from teaching it’s imperative to understand what my student may already knows, and some of there fears they will like overcome and the key is to listen to them and make it your duty help them.

  14. Lesson 6 was very learnable. I enjoyed the evaluation part more. Gathered some ideas how students get evaluated in the road test.
    Gave me a good sense of improving some of teaching abilities . The discussion was helpful to me, going over some criteria in the evaluation sheet. Enjoyed The YouTube videos, pretty interesting too .

  15. Lesson 6 was very learnable. I enjoyed the evaluation part more. Gathered some ideas how students get evaluated in the road test.
    Gave me a good sense of improving some of teaching abilities . The discussion was helpful to me, going over some criteria in the evaluation sheet. Enjoyed The YouTube videos, pretty interesting too .

  16. I enjoyed the lesson 6 very much, evaluation part more. Gathered some ideas how students get evaluated in the road test.
    Gave me a good sense of improving some of teaching abilities . The discussion was helpful to me, going over some criteria in the evaluation sheet. Enjoyed The YouTube videos, pretty interesting too .

  17. Lesson 6: Attitudes and personality are two very important characteristics when it comes to teaching and also the same goes for the student. This lesson taught a lot about that. This is the foundation to a good start between the instructor and the student. I believe to set a positive tone, it should start with the instructor, ask some questions and get to know and understand the student need to create a positive balance. The student should be comfortable as well, to ask the instructor questions at any time.

  18. The video was hilarious I think I’ve seen it before as a kid I would not want that guy or someone like that to have given me or anyone a road test!

  19. it is important for an instructor to be able to handle all types of attitude and manner from students. however, either way, the instructor must take control of the situation on the road for the safety of both people and also other drivers on the road and pedestrians. the instructor should not allow a student who thinks he knows it all to go to far.

  20. One thing that i never mentioned in previous comments is that the class discussions are very interacting and interesting. I never felt boring in any of the classes so far.

    It is good to know that DMV is aware about that the attitude of student can affect student learning and instructor performance, and DMV has a set of instructions and guidelines for instructor to follow when it comes to dealing with the students who have unfavorable attitude.

    Going over the midterm was very useful, especially the charts. It is an amazing toll to review the exam. Thanks.

  21. I am glad that, we have covered the last class materials. It’s true that everybody sit behind the driver’s wheel can have some type (personality), emotion ,or some form ( attitude), but we must able distinguish the difference between them . personality is who they are,and how they conduct behind the wheel. they can be very conservative or aggressive. and attitude is how they performed on the road. They can be reckless and unconcerned of others. we, as instructors should able to promote safety and be more considerate attitude.

  22. The road test evaluation was very interesting. The pressure of having someone look at your driving habits and write down your points of fault as a driving. Bad habits are hard to get rid of but when there on paper you see your fault which will make you a better driver so that you can teach others good habits in your profession. The video show that a persons attitude can make you make mistake and you shouldn’t let anyone throw you off your game. Drive as if you was by yourself or a familiar person.

  23. Reviewing the midterm and comparing answers was definitely helpful to further understand the material.

    Lesson 6 was very useful, knowing the attitudes and personalites of students is important in further understanding how to teach them better!

  24. Knowing how to handle different types of attitudes helps an instructor to better understand their student and adjust their teaching in order to teach the student effectively

  25. Watching the video, in this case the examiner displays an unprofessional and egotistical attitude. Im sure d.m.v. examiners can be intimidating on occasions which doesn’t always turnout well for the tested driver. Our students really need to be prepared and confident in their skills as a new driver before taking the test. I think the clip was comical and does ring true to life in some cases, but of course maybe not to that extreme.
    im not sure but I think the video is a clip from the movie, The Lost boys.

  26. Behaviors and attitudes are key components for drivers. Improving and maintaning our good habits and behaviors help us to drive safely.
    The video is very funny however it’s a reality as well. Some inspectors are really tough compared to other ones.

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