Computer Specialist

      I love technology, my earliest memory of using computers was building a make-shift computer out of a laundry detergent box.  I told my older sister that I wanted to work with computers when I got older, she told me I needed to learn to type without looking.

     Years later I had the opportunity to work with laptops at my job. It was kismet. I began helping the teachers with their lessons, and their understanding of computers. As their questions came, my knowledge became greater. If I didn’t know I found out and was able to help them understand how they could enhance their classroom abilities.

2013-06-06 08.55.53      I was given opportunities to set up environments that allowed multiple teachers to learn.    Here is the time I set up a school auditorium to mimic a conference room. Complete with tables that had power to plug laptops in.

     The presenter would be connected to the 2013-06-06 10.10.45projector where he/she would be able to share information being presented.

      People at their tables would then able to surf and gather information at their tables. They would then e-mail their ideas to the presenter to share with the rest of the audience.


      Working with people to achieve their dreams, is what I love to do.

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