Driving Instruction Class

SYLLABUS INSTRUCTIONAL KEY*                                                            

 Course or Program Title Driving Training & Safety Seminar
Course Code BUX-185
Schedule Feb 28, 2017 –  March 30, 2017

Class will meet in room

LB 25

Instructor Name Kye Weaver
Contact Information Kyeweaver@gmail.com
Course Description Meets the technical requirements of the DMV for future or present driving school instructors (also known as the “30-hour Basic Instructor’s Course” or “Methods and Content Course for in-car instruction” which satisfies the Commissioner’s Regulations, Part 76.15, of the NYS DMV requirements for certifying driving instructors). This course helps prepare instructors to deal with the different learning styles as well as issues that may arise while giving instruction. During this semester, you will be able to understand how to remain calm in the most stressful situations and how to keep your client / Students satisfied.
Prerequisites/Entrance Competencies Hold drivers license for at least two years Have a sense of humor

Able to work within a structured time

Must be a people person

Must be able to work well under pressure

Learning Objectives Overall this course is designed to educate drivers and prepare them to apply effective teaching practices to in-car- training of unlicensed/ license drivers.
Materials/Books How-to-drive Text Book

About Drivers Education

Study Guide for Written Test for Driving School Instructor Applicants


Date Room Topic Textbook Reading Homework
02-28-17 Class 1


The Accident Problem Chapter 1

(For next class)

Leave a comment about the class on the website
03-02-17 Class 2


Learning and Teaching Driving Chapter 5 Leave a comment about the class on the website
03-07-17 Class 3


The First Lesson Chapter 6 Leave a comment about the class on the website
03-09-17 Class 4


Techniques Of Maneuvering Chapter 10 Leave a comment about the class on the website
03-14-16 Class 5


Human limitations Mid term

Covers Chapters 1,5,6,10

Leave a comment about the class on the website
03-16-17 Class 6


The Role of the Safe Driver Chapter  11 Leave a comment about the class on the website
03-21-17 Class 7


Habits and Perceptions        “License to Drive” Chapter  12 Leave a comment about the class on the website
03-23-17 Class 8


The Driving Environment Chapter 18 Leave a comment about the class on the website
03-28-17 Class 9


Personal and Professional standards Final

11, 12, 18,9

Leave a comment about the class on the website
03-30-17 Class10


Professional Growth  


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Grading Policy/


Certificate program students must earn a minimum of a C to pass a course for the purpose of earning a certificate.  If a student fails a course, CE will send him or her letter to retake the course free of charge within one year.  This privilege can be exercised only once during the duration of the program.  This privilege does not apply to WIA voucher students or students whose tuition is being paid via contract.
Attendance 15% Grading parameters follow the college academic grading policies for C and above: A


  C+    77-79
Test 1 & 2 50% A-


C      74-76
Class participation 15% B+


C-    70-73
Homework 20% B


D     60-69
*Syllabus can be changed by the teacher at anytime. B-


F     below 60


Attendance Policy Attendance for all 10 sessions is required.  If a student cannot attend one session, it will be the responsibility of the student to master the information covered.  Repeated absences will result in a reduction of the student’s grade for attendance.
Rules of Conduct ·        All cell phones/electronic devices turned off

·        Respect others’ opinions

·        Don’t interrupt fellow students

·        Arrive on time

·         Participation makes the class go faster


18 thoughts on “Driving Instruction Class”

  1. Good morning Mr. Weaver,
    It was so nice of you to send the text last night. I saw the time was very late. I was very humbled and honered to have your text. The class was very enthusiastic and I enjoyed the class very much. Thank you so much for making the effort. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow in class

    Kind regards,
    Salateen Chowdhury

  2. Because we re instructors , I think that the going over of some of the new laws, was a very good idea , I think that maybe , the faculty could of given you a bigger parameter with the explanation of the new laws in the VTL. Manual, other wise I thought your class was very good , you made time move along , it was not boring , I do hope the rest of the course goes th

  3. I liked class. I learned more about the move over law. I just saw it on the billboards on the highway and was not clear about everything about the law. Thanks for the clarification.

  4. its was a good experience and the i like the way you teach the class. i think i will learn a lot from your experience

  5. I really enjoyed the first class. I was happy to meet all my fellow classmates but I wish the room was different so we could all see each other. I kept having to look back everyone someone talked.

  6. Really enjoyable first class, our discussion about the mindset of the student was very helpful.

  7. The first day of class(6/7/2016).
    This is the real lesson to learn how to a driving instructor . I am happy to be here with professor kye and others classmates. I really enjoy it a lot.

    Cheng Liu

  8. First class was very interesting. Kye was very enthusiastic though out the lesson. Seems like I’m going to learn how to teach people how to drive in a different way. Also how to deal with different people from both sides of the spectrum.

  9. I must say I thought the first class was an enlightening experence to say the least. I enjoyed revisiting the basics on how we learn as people do from the very beginning. Its been a long and forgotten time since I’ve looked at it from Mr.Kyes point of view. I really like the way Professor Kye breaks down even the most common issues from the instructors job to the students progress. I think that WE as the students have much to gain in the basic course. Thank you Professor Kye, I am looking forward to learning a great deal in your classroom.

  10. First class was quite entertaining. I expected a boring old man, but got Eddy Murphy, GREAT BEGINNING !!!

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