2 thoughts on “How to open a driving school”

  1. A) Motivation is a necessary Vidal tool. A good instructor needs to instill confidence in their student. Motivation helps the student to put their best foot forward while reaching for the perceived goal. This promotes progress and keeps the students eye on the prize. On the flip side of the coin its equally important to know whats motivating the student and why they wish to learn to drive and obtain a drivers license. For Example:
    1) is it just for the challenge? 2) is it for a job requirement? 3 )is it for common necessity? 4) is it because the students Daddy is buying them a new car.? 5) because the student has language barriers and no job experience? 6) student is a nervous beginner.? Some of these examples can pose a higher safety risks while learning to drive for the first time, opposed to a driver who just needs more practice for a later retest. I believe a good instructor should seek out this information to help us to react to the specific needs of the individual student.
    B) Student instructor relationship: Naturally to be good instructor I believe you have to be a people person . if your not a people person your in the wrong business. The instructors attitude be perceived as friendly, confident and positive before and during the lesson .Allow the student the freedom to ask questions. Ensure the student theirs no such thing as a dumb question. Its only dumb if you don’t know and you don’t ask. The student should feel more relaxed and have a better chance of achieving their goal.
    C) Teach part of the lesson: The allotment of time should be no more than it takes to explain and demonstrate,and then allow the student to show that he or she can perform the same Technic correctly. Of course this repeated at appropriate times to ensure the student retained the new knowledge.
    D) Primary objectives and secondary objectives: both are important however primary objectives and Technics are what the D.M.V. examiner looking for during a 25 minute road test. New driver needs to master the primary objectives to pass the road test.The secondary objectives are likely learned through experience
    P90D Tulsa Auto Pilot. What a fantastic concept. The demonstration video the emphasized total and safe control by computer . The car is even politically correct be by parking in a disabled spot for the legally blind operator. impressive. I noticed they did not demonstrate what the car would do if another car ran a red light at an intersection.

  2. I personal have no desire to open a driving school in the near future, but I truly concur all of the points you have indicated as a good instructor is communicate effectively with the students. teaching all the good habits and enforcing safety is healthy practice in the long run.

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