Lesson 7- Seeing Habits and Perceptual Skills

Great Night

Tonight’s Slides

—Tonight’s Objectives

I will identify perceptual inputs, define the perceptual process and discuss the organization of perceptual data

—I will explain and be able to apply the concepts of identify, Predict, Decide and Execute as they relate to safe driving

—I will be able to discuss space cushion driving, following distance, eye movements, speed control, communication skills and other defensive driving techniques.

—I will discover methods of improving perceptual skills through films, filmstrips simulators and running commentary.


  • Take a look at your own driving
  • Use the driving evaluation sheet  to understand how you need to perform
  • Teach some how to read the sheet and what items mean. ie what is a wide turn, what is a tight turn. turn from your driving lane into your driving lane.
  • Allow them to evaluate your driving for 10- 15 mins in a residential area.
  • Switch roles Evaluate their driving.
  • Use the back of the sheets to write down how you felt during.

Overall Task: Have your driving evaluated then evaluate their driving.




Slides will be posted by tomorrow. Still having issues transferring information from one computer to the other.

19 thoughts on “Lesson 7- Seeing Habits and Perceptual Skills”

  1. Loved the movie and the teachable parts of the movie. Wished all of life could be like the movie….excellent!!

  2. the ending to the movie was not real , all the damage done and not one police car in sight, no one was punished , don’t get me wrong it was very good as a teaching aid , enjoyed it very much , thank you.

  3. Les never learned his lesson by the end of the movie. I wont ever be in a car with Les. Also I think his parents are too nice and what ever happened to his sister?
    I love visual aids.

  4. Interesting movie. It was a great way to illustrate a teenager’s mind and why they make irresponsible decisions.
    I remember those days. No rules are followed, only the exceptions. Even the parents don’t follow the rules.
    Also, I’m glad we went over questions on test.

  5. I liked the movie a lot. I remember watching it many times when I was a kid and I always recommend it to my students. I really liked the discussion about our students always stopping when they see cars coming from side streets and how we have to teach them the rule and not the exception. I had not really thought about it that way in relation to trusting those stop signs. I’m also happy we went over the quiz, and have now realized that I didn’t do as well as I had initially thought, but I liked that I now know all the answers. Hopefully Thursday’s class will be just as informative.

  6. The Movie was a good one .Its Tells you how unpredictable a Sixteen year old kid can be.First he respect the rules of the road and then his ego builds up drove the car without a Licence..The Examiner that proctor his road test seems to be less care just pass him.The kid broke all the rules .He was being pressure by his two friends and his goals to impress his girlfriend..It show hydroplaning what to do in wet conditions..Chapter 12 like going back Thirty Five Years Of My High School Science Class..Its mainly about Physics.of the Vehicle Movements.The Natural Laws Of Driving. Some Of The Natural Laws That Affect you as a Driver including the Laws OF Inertia,Friction,Momentum,Kinetic Energy And Gravity.The Videos was great space cushion and how to apply IPDE.

  7. The movie was great in demonstrating attitudes and behavior of the newer driver…timid for some things and aggressive even risking life and limb for others. It also showed the lack of innovation at DMVs. I took my permit test at my high school cafeteria…in NJ…The review was the test. My 6hour behind the wheel involved 40 minute sessions to take my instructor on his errands…he was also a teacher at the HS. But I learned a lot from him…especially control of the car. The chapter and slides talked about concepts in driving that I talk about and remind students about: decision making, risk taking, stopping, space cushions, 2 second rules, night driving…there’s a tip for everything. As drivers we take in a lot of info…probably identical to the next person’s intake. What is different is the decisions we make based on those inputs and the execution. It is here where accidents and issues on the road occur…think about that…

  8. Good Evening

    As i watched the movie it reminded me of the Wrong choices we might of made when we were his age. Even though we think we were right most of the sometimes we were totally wrong 😀 . For those that are instructors or about to become one we must be comprehensive because we were their age once. We have to reach teach them from wrong to right. Students must understand that having a License is not freedom. Each Chapter that I read makes me more aware of how i Drive and how i need to improve.

  9. I totally agree that license to drive was a great film that demonstrate teenagers eagerness to drive. The movie had several scene that expresses how many young drivers think and make serious decision while they’re driving with themselves and others. Attitude and personality certainly play a major role in the film because most time the young driver was cautious and being mindful with out driving with a license and returning the vehicle back home in safely. Space cushion while driving is very important can help prevent accident and using great techniques such as ipde in everyday driving will be valuable for safe and defensive driving.

  10. It’s great formula to enforced upon the new drivers (IPDE), If they can grasp those steps, they can appreciate safety steps involved in their performance behind the wheel. And it would enhance their perceptual senses.

  11. The IPDE process was great .This method enforces a good formula for old and new driver to utilize.We all have these senses but by driving new we use these skills more often .

  12. Very interesting movie. Les kept on taking risk after imagining that what worse could happen than failing the driving test followed by luckily getting through all of the dangerous situations. It was interesting to see how people around him influence him to taking risk. In the end it was just a movie, but i am sure similar things happens in real life.

    Videos and slides about IPDE process were very useful. Think ahead and predict the unexpected are very useful skills. One interesting thing i learned that the blind spot doesn’t have to be the only space that cannot be seen in the mirrors, it actually exists all around, such as a small vehicle parked next to a large vehicle. In space cushion video, there is no way the vehicle or it’s signals could be seen. It is the instructor’s responsibility to teach the student the IPDE process.

  13. I thought the (Licensed to drive) movie was a terrific comparison to the way society excepts these unsafe driving behaviors,infractions and anything go’s long as i don’t get caught attitude. The film conveys a certain truth the way many of us are raised into thinking of whats except-able driving behavior without consequences. Peer pressure by itself is probable cause of why young drivers of today don’t understand all the responsibilities that come with driving any vehicle.

  14. All good drivers are using this formula or their own ways to keep a safe following distance so they can see well and easily manuever in any condition.

  15. Movie was great! Thought it was a great example of risks people take and also shows teenagers eagerness to drive. Ipde is a great formula and should be taught to and used by all drivers

  16. They movie was great, it showed mindset of some drivers. IPDE is a good process for all drivers to know and understand.

  17. Great movie. Les gets away with everything, so he keeps breaking his word. That’s how some people live their life. Until they hit a brick wall they do what works for them.

    If I get nothing out of this course but the idea that the primary task of the instructor is to prepare the student for the road test, and making them good drivers is secondary, it will be worth it.

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