5 hour Class Lesson

This was an Awesome class, but most importantly you guys made the time fly. I do hope that you are enjoying all the possibilities for teaching your lesson.

The 5 hour Class Lesson Objectives:


Another web based version

^^^^^^ click link above for slides^^^^^^^

      • žDefine and recognize driving as a mental, physical and social task that involves the interaction of the operator, the environment and the vehicles.
      • žRecognize the importance of protecting motor vehicle occupants from possible injury or death by using all occupant protection devices
      • žTeach the rules-of- the road, emphasizing those that promote safe driving.
      • žIdentify factors such as fatigue, alcohol, and other drugs that can impair a driver’s ability to operate a motor vehicle.
      • žRecognize dangerous drivers and driving situations and learn how to react safely.
      • žUnderstand the influence a driver’s state of mind can have on their behavior and how this affects their actions while driving.

Secondary Objectives Covered:

      • Keeping the class paced well
      • Interacting with students
      • Making information relate-able
      • Balancing comments and questions
      • Moderating classroom discussions

Some Videos Watched

My Video Playlist

Homework For Next Class

1. Go to Google and sign up for a Google Account

2. Leave a comment on the bottom of this page

3. Start to prepare a 10 min funny story to tell the class

  • It can be any topic
  • Keep in mind you audience

64 thoughts on “5 hour Class Lesson”

    1. The second class on teaching the 5 he class was very interesting. Kyle made the class not at all boring and is motivating to want to teach the 5 he class.

  1. We covered a whole lot of excellent material for this class. All that material interspersed with your excellent humor, Kye, made for an informative and incredibly valuable body of work for both the classes we teach and the information we can pass on to our students. Bravo, Kye!!


  3. Mixing the real life videos with the related class room theory helps drive home specific points the instructor wants to focus on. With attention spans short, instructors must be creative in their efforts to keep students interested and engaged; the previous is a great way to do that………cd

  4. I thought this lesson was very informative and covered alot of new material. Although the instructor tired it was difficult for him to help every student with every issue that came up. However I was left with the impression that technology is something that is powerful and can be learned. Thanks Kye.

  5. Great first day. I like how you’re flexible, calm, and understanding, but still get things done… kind of like me. :o) It proves that, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a jerk to get ahead.

  6. What a wonderful first class. You clearly explain material and keep the class as interactive as possible. You are an amazing instructor and motivate me to be just as great in front of a class full of students. Looking forward to learn more from you.

  7. I was pleased to see we have an inspirational instructor , who wants us to get the most from this class. I’m Looking foward to our future lessons.

  8. Tuesday class was exciting starting with the professor portraying to be a student. Following the meet and greet and expectation that all the students will want to achieve from this course. The professor was very diligent when explaining techniques and teaching state laws. However the video shared in classroom in regards to safety really demonstrate how important it is for everyone to buckle up, and the consequences for not wearing a seat belt. Texting and driving can also have disastrous outcome for many who don’t follow the law. Alcohol, Marijuana and other depressant was also mentioned in class discussion along with the side effects and how it can alter one’s driving.

  9. Hello, this is Grace. I liked how you made everyone feel comfortable and motivated the class . The activity where we all shared something about ourselves was fun. Thank you so much for your help. I’m sure I would have loved this class.
    Grace DeMarinis

  10. I like how the class doesn’t feel like a class. We’re learning, but not in the traditional sense of being lectured to. It’s like we’re all having a ‘controlled’ conversation and learning from each other’s experiences.

  11. Great class!! reminder me of this quote:
    “Tell me and I forget.
    Teach me and I remember.
    Involve me and I learn.
    Benjamin Franklin.

  12. Kye,

    Tonight’s class was a lesson in precision— from what to include to how and when to omit material. As well as expanding and clarifying the intricacies of the topics. I am experiencing a greater understanding of things I have long known.


  13. Great Job..cant wait for all of this to come togeather and start teaching, I hope I can develop a method and come into my own style to reach my students and be effective .And take your job KYE..lol

  14. Hey I just wanted to comment on the class which I thought was great btw. What you said about the 5 hour class being a class about teaching the dangers of driving really made a lot of sense. A lot of people who take it think that it’s a class to prepare them for the road test, meanwhile, as we know we can’t even discuss the road test. Again great class Kye.

  15. Wonderful class, too long though. Be honest, sometimes I text and drive. After I watching these videos , I promise I would never do that in my life anymore. Texting and driving causes accidents lead to death, involves to many lives.

  16. Great class, as expected. I like how you give us a preview of how you teach your very own 5 hr class. This will prepare us to teach a class of our own. The videos presented were very informative.

  17. Class was great overall. Once again i like how you were able to demonstrate to the class how to engage with students in a classroom and managing time as you move forward to the next topic.

  18. Our second class was presented so well that the 3 hours flew by . The techniques used will greatly help me to keep my own future 5 hours classes engaged and wanting to know more.

  19. In preparing for this class I find I am very much looking forward to it. At first I felt apprehensive about speaking in front of a roomful people but with Kye being so positive and encouraging I now feel I can do this!

  20. There Is A Few Sayings It Goes Like This Nobody Its Too Old To Learn And Experience Keeps A Good A School..Great Class and Very Educational..It Teaches about the rules and the dangers of driving.Great Videos And Most Of All Good Classroom Participation..Kudos To The Professor..

  21. I feel that as I get deeper into the class I am more introduced to the idea that I can shape MY 5hour class around a central theme—along with the content that DMV expects me to teach. I’d like to be able to center my class around the consequences of making bad decisions while driving a car…road rage, drunk driving, distracted driving, reckless driving center around the 1 decision that drivers make that may be costly. I hope to continue learning how I can weave the course around these themes…

  22. Good evening. Tonight’s lesson was extremely important and informative. Technology has become more these days, a major foundation to EVERYTHING! It’s going to take alot more focus and understanding on my part to become more EMBRACING. Thank you for being patient.

  23. I could see how yesterday’s class was more difficult for people with less computer and overall tech experience. Luckily for me, that’s not me. We just have to work together and help the less experienced. I’m sure this will benefit them, going forward.

  24. Our third class was very different from other classes so far. I like to play with computer and learn new things, and that what we did. I am so curious to learn how to build a website myself. I don’t know if I ever gonna be able to create one, but at least because of Kye, I got to learn something, “how to link a video”. That a benefit tome. Thanks to Kye.

  25. The class on Tuesday was definitely intense as the expectations of the elections. The instructions at the computer lab were definitely interesting and I’m looking forward to implement what I learned on my own 5 Hr. Presentation. Very nervous about the story for tonight .

  26. Information from last class starting to gel and now I can see some of the possibilities. Ready for more. Thank you.

  27. I’m not too tech savvy but I like that you showed us how to incorporate technology into the class. Now that you showed us how, I will definitely use PowerPoint to help to teach my class.

  28. Today’s class was definitely an ice breaker. For the next few classes, we’ll have an opportunity to talk in front of people we’re more comfortable with. In contrast, when we teach the actual 5 hr course, it’s usually going to be speaking in front of people we’ve never met before. However, since 4 to 5 hours is a long time, hopefully we’ll get to know the students and get more comfortable as the class progresses.

  29. I’d like to give a round of applause to the first 4 presenters today. You got the ball rolling! We’re half way through! I wish I could be in your place. I wanted to go first and get it out of the way too. If anyone presenting before 11/29 wants to switch with me, let me know. I watched the remaining F.A.T videos about language comprehension and reading. What’s that they say about walking a mile in someone’s shoes? It’s definitely easier to understand somebody when you try to see things from their perspective. Maybe, before you judge and overreact, you’ll try that in your next conflict, argument, or encounter with friends, family, students, even enemies…

  30. phun. the field trip was helpful…but the cafeteria & Buckstars were long since closed… even if this campus is sleepy and retires @ 17:00 hrs. , Gino’s Pizza on Springfield made up for it.. some intriguing Korean spots invite further exploration. good reason to arrive early! seriously, class #2 was worth the 20 minute trip… (Wholly KaPOW!!! some people had come from Ronkonkoma and Mt. Vernon!!!) lucky me…


  32. It is a great classroom teaching technology to have your audiences feel they are the main part of the teaching process, the more interactive students and teachers are, the more effective it will be ,that is what I learnt from your class, Thanks.

  33. It was great session because we touched on issue of DUI which has in some way affected us all. The videos example showed us the horrors of driving under the influence and Kye example of cost of driving drunk were very unique in a way that I could use his example during my 5 hr class session.

  34. I am so looking forward to experiencing this class with professor Kye. In the previous Basic class we all had a really good time learning with Kye, and I just know this course will be even more interesting and exciting to attend. Thanks Kye

  35. This session was great, even though I was late I didn’t feel out of place. I myself dont drink but we can see how drivers around us on the road that drink can affect each and every one of us. It was nice seeing how Professor Kye Weaver teaches his 5 hour class and the fact that he basically keeps telling us how we can take his job makes me happy and a little confused. But then it made sense because if he teaches us how to teach and we teach that to our students, they will learn the best and consistent material. I appreciate everything he does for us, even this website, is so helpful, and I know will continue to be helpful after I complete the course. I cant wait to see what else he brings to the class moving forward, now on to the 1st speech preparation!

  36. the class was especially interesting when we touched on the subject of drinking and driving. i think that we as a society need to do more on preventing drunk driving. it is not just the responsibility of the person drinking but others as well. even if the person drinking does not value his or her own life, other people should try their best to prevent the person from driving to save other people’s lives.

  37. The slides were very helpful in showing the breakdown of what has to be covered but of course i feel like every instructor can have his or her own style in teaching. But the slides are definitely an awesome aid.

  38. This class gave me a good incite and feel what it will be like to teach the 5 hr class in the real world. Mixing and sharing knowledge within the class and also interacting directly with students is a big help and makes the time goes by a lot faster.

  39. I found the video on drunk driving deeply moving for me because even though I could not see what the people in that were seeing, I still felt what they were experiencing as if I was really in that car with them and it made me have a deep sense of lost. I lost my brother some years back too, he was mistakenly murdered for no reason and I still grieve for him everyday. I really love this class and I’m glad I did decided to come out so far to this class instead of being on a long waiting list to get in the same class there at Bronx Community College.

  40. The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. I also remember learning, “If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans”.

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