First Class Lesson 1- Intro to accident trends

Objectives covered tonight

  • Identify the human and economic cost of accidents
  • Analyze basic causes of traffic accidents and cite trends in prevention
  • Identify the driver as the source of greatest responsibility
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of Motor Vehicle safety-oriented operations and those of other traffic safety-conscious organizations

Some of you have addressed concerns about how much you will have to do for this class. I promise you it will all go smoothly.

For Next Class

Between now and next Tuesday, I want you to log your driving. Tell me how you stop and go, tell me how you turn, tell me how you Parallel Park and tell me how you make a K-Turn. For Lesson 2 (you can click on that) these instructions with pictures to help aid you are provided. Make sure you leave a comment about how your experience was jotting down your driving.


 If You Did Not Teach It, They Don’t Know

37 thoughts on “First Class Lesson 1- Intro to accident trends”

  1. Liked the first class a lot. You bring a fun element to the situation and that is always great. I like the line I am the best driver that I know. I had no negatives

  2. The first day of class it was very interesting there a few things that I had improved on teaching on driving and new things that was actually mentioned and taught.. Great day

  3. Learned a lot of interested stuff last night. And already started having fun analyzing my own driving habits.



  4. I commented on the wrong section last night. Loved the first class. I learned some new stuff. I just don’t like the classroom. It would be better if we could see each other.

  5. My experience while analyzing my own driving:
    Well, basically I’m any instructor’s nightmare. My U turns are demonstration of amazing palming skills, my turns are the same either left and right. My stop and go at stop signs is the one thing that I almost always respect. My parking does not use the 1 3 2 technique. And my turns are done by “feeling” instead of wheel counting. I hope no student ever sees me driving solo! Still much to be learned on what the difference between what we actually teach and what we actually do on the road. It did help me to give better tips on turning to a couple of students. And I call that progress. =)

  6. Hi Kye- I was unable to leave my comment under ‘Lesson 2’ so I’ll post it here instead….8:45pm Oct. 1 2015
    What I learned from analyzing my own driving was that it was more ‘instinctive’ than I thought…there were elements of ‘correct-procedural’ driving intermingled with habits that have been developed over many years of driving experience….it was very interesting to note that.

  7. Wow this first class was amazing, I actually learn new technics right on the first day and I actually applied them at work the next day. I am happy to say that made a lot of improvement in teaching my students. Thanks a lot Kye

  8. Good Morning
    I enjoyed how the first class went . Being in your class i will gain a lot more Knowledge in becoming a great Driver Instructor. Its always a pleasure to learn new things and i look forward to the following classes. Thank you

  9. I enjoyed the first class it was very informative. I will gain a lot of knowledge and that will help me to become a great driver instructor. Thank You.

  10. Great first class! I enjoyed the activities. You motivated and kept everyone actively engaged. Thank you so much for your help. I hope all the students have a lot of fun and learn how to be a good instructor like you.

  11. Awesome first class tonight! I look forward to the next few weeks of class and getting to learn some new, better ways of teaching my students as an Instructor.

  12. In the first lesson, I am inspired by the word of ‘ don’ t chase for money, the money is the side effect of your good job’, thanks for your lesson.

  13. I must say, I’ve attended many different kind of classes before, but haven’t seen anyone like ‘Kye’. He makes the 3 hours go by like it was a few minutes. I am looking forward to all his classes. He is well rounded, easy-going and very knowledgeable.

  14. The line I liked the best was, “The steering wheel doesn’t turn the car, the student does.” I used it today with one of my students.I anticipate getting a lot of material for my teaching.

    I remember thinking when Kye announced a 10 minute break, “Why do we need a break? This isn’t work, it’s fun! Since when do you need a break from fun stuff?”

  15. There were a few interesting thoughts I was able to take away from the first class, for example, ghoti, and especially when we discussed the responsibilties as an instructor. Looking forward to the next class.

  16. First class was great, really picked up a couple things that I could use when teaching in the future.

  17. Everything is a matter of time and time makes progress. Love the enthusiasm, great way to start a class for the first day.

  18. Above objectives list are the major topics every driving instructor should know. These really help the instructor to understand the entire picture of driving. If the instructor understands the whole picture, they can definitely transmit the knowledge to their students easily.

  19. Great introduction. First thing i learned that this class is going to be very interesting and useful, which is very important. Great entry Kye.

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