Lesson 5 and Midterm

Class Canceled because of Snow


Lesson 5

By Thursday 3/16/17 you should:

  1. Today take the mid term above
    1. Based on chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 7
  2.  Review Lesson 5
    1. Leave a comment below about the mid-term and Lesson 5



We teach the rule not the exception

Wear Sun Screen inspirational video

Helpful Links

Penalties for alcohol or drug related violations

You and the Driving Laws

Drinking and Driving Programs

26 thoughts on “Lesson 5 and Midterm”

  1. Continued good class discussion last time and the material is very interesting. Kye your U=Tube clips are outstanding. Really looking forward to the rest of this course and all of the the next one.

  2. In lesson 5 I learned how to transmit information to the Student through our experience. Also how to teach the students skills to maneuver a Car on the road with out Crash.

  3. The more I be in class is the more I want to learn and teach people how to avoid accident so it becomes natural and make a statement in life to others

  4. What I’ve learned from this lesson was that I had responsibility to lecture students what the certain rules they had to fellow with no exception.

    Lesson 5 June 22, 2016

  5. What I ‘ve learned from this lesson was that I have responsility to lecture students what the certain rules they have to fellow with no exception.

    Lesson 5 June 22, 2016

  6. As a driver it is your responsibility to be aware of the effects of any drug (may it be prescribed or not) has on you. If one decides to use some sort of drugs or alcohol, then he/ she should decide not to drive. Drugs and alcohol weaken your judgment and lessen your reaction time. Like in the video, if the driver was not under the influence he could have saved the child on the cycle.
    I also agree with the second video, ‘If you drink don’t drive!’
    This can save your life and many others.
    I do enjoy these videos; they are real examples and remind me of the consequences of what can happen if we don’t follow the rules.
    I will definitely share these videos with my students.

  7. Teenagers and Adults should understand that getting behind the wheel is a big responsibility . People have to understand that there is accidents even when they haven’t used any type of alcohol or drugs. As drivers we always have to be alert and make sure that we avoid making mistakes. We have all heard that people Crash into something or someone because of drinking and driving. Our duty as Driver instructor is to reinforce that using drugs or drinking alcohol is extremely dangerous.

  8. The videos shared above clearly shows the how alcohol and drugs can seriously hurt lives. The usage of either substances can alter someone ability to drive and delay reaction time behind the steering wheel. However its always safe to have a designated driver presence when leaving a gathering . It will be wise and will also prevent yourself and others from getting harm.

  9. everybody has the same opinion ,no drugs ,no alcohol,while you are driving but no body mention about more restricted rules of law, it will work ,i don’t know about another countries laws, but i know for sure some are very strict with the irresponsibles drivers

  10. Great Class once again! especially with the videos it makes it more interesting , great on using them as a example.
    Thanks (:

  11. The mid-term was good until I noticed questions that wasn’t in the chapters, but I was able to find them in another. Over all it wasn’t bad if you read the specific chapters. A lot of different variables can impact vision & physical activity. They can make you have bad judgment, poor decision making process & can have an affect on emotions.

  12. Lesson 5: A lot was taken and learned from reading the slides and watching the videos. All aspect of physical factors of the body must be taken into consideration. Our vision being the most important aspect and how to be prepared for different situations, from driving in the sun and glaring into a headlight at night. I also enjoyed the material about Alcohol and how it affects the mind and body, be safe, take a cab or train!

  13. The first and second videos are powerful reminders to all of us, of the frighting reality of what happens out on the everyday roads , streets and highways right here in our own country. scary stuff. The general public needs to see more of this subject to remind us all how precious life is. we forget so easily.

  14. Midterm was better than I expected. This is a great way for us to evaluate our understanding of driving course and content and main ideas we discussed in the class.

  15. I thought the midterm was very fair. However, there were a few questions that were not part of the chapters we had to read. The video had a few good commercials about drunk driving. I think the gov’t should continue to find creative ways to convey the message to prevent more people from drinking and driving.

  16. It was allot of important information we could have shared in class, but unfortunately the weather was the factor. and we are at mid-term already, I can’t wait for the next class and complying the course. I would just referred back to old school system.Just don’t drink and drive or drugs period.The effects of drugs and alcohol has great impact in our lives and society.

  17. The exam was not too bad . Open book exam is actually tricky , just when you get the answer you think you read further and find the actual answer. The chapters all were full of information that common sense with life experiences all come together. The driving drunk video was harsh and factual . Driving while intoxicated is a death sentence , you might get away with a few times but eventually there will be a loser you ,a loved one or the innocent life you take.

  18. The midterm was long but fairly easy, only 1 or 2 questions did not not have the answers explicitly stated to answer the questions.
    Finally, something good about being overweight! You get to drink more before becoming legally DWI.
    See you tomorrow Kye.

  19. The vidoes showed the causes and affects of drinking and driving or driving while intoxicated. It shows that just because you feel ok doesnt mean you are ok to get behind the wheel and risk your life or somebody elses.

    The Midterm was pretty easy being open book. A lot was learned by reading all the chapters

  20. The midterm was very fair aside from the fact that some questions werent in the chapters but still easy to find since it was open book.

    I agree with everyone, do not drink and drive becasuse it is not only risking yourself but others!

  21. Accidents happen and thay leave bad memories, but accidents that take place under the influence of drug or alcohol not only leave bad memories but also leave life time guilt which are usually hard to recover from.

    Midterm was fair. Questions were very useful. Wish class was not cancelled. Very interesting class overall.

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