Lesson 5 “Wear sunscreen”

Speech List 2017

Speech Rules

  1. Speech should be between 25- 30 mins
  2. Write your objective on the board or have it visible
  3. Write your topic that will address the objective

Example :

  • Objective: Define and recognize driving as a mental, physical and social task that involves the interaction of the diver and other vehicles.
  • Topic that addresses objective: The task of driving within the highway transportation system

4.  Should have a survey for every student to answer feedback 5 questions (Silent feedback)

5.  Remember your audience members are Permit Holders not driving instructors.

ethics of life prepared speaker speach pic

Speeches are hard. Try to be yourself, you know your material better than your audience.

Step out from the safety of the podium and be one with your audience.



Your comments should reflect how the video about wearing sunscreen is like or not like teaching our five hour class.

22 thoughts on “Lesson 5 “Wear sunscreen””

  1. I felt the Sunscreen video was like the 5 hour class…it covered topics and allowed the viewer to get involved in a variety of on point topics. I I thought it was an excellent lead in to the subject material.

  2. By engaging in these “Dry Run” presentations, we’re able to see what aspects of our efforts are working well and those that need improvement. It’s an opportunity to test and determine the most effective use of our content and technique before actually putting both into practical application before a live classroom. Love the “Sunscreen” video; its touching sensibilities remind us all not to forget the things that really matter in life…….cd

  3. That sunscreen video was quite hilarious. Most of it made sense though. At first, I thought wearing sunscreen was some kind of metaphor for being tough/thick skinned, but he literally meant to wear sunscreen. Then, he reiterates it at the end, like, “If you don’t remember anything else I said… wear sunscreen!” I found that funny. It translates to how we would teach our 5 hr. class, and life, in general, in that there are certain things you want students to remember about the course and people to remember about your life. There’s a lot of important information, but some is more important than the rest. You should emphasize that which you feel is most important and want to leave a lasting impression on your students in the class or people you come in contact with in life.

  4. So, I just finished watching both videos again. I found myself so much more connected to and familiar with the SUNSCREEN VIDEO. The narrator showed and spoke on things so close to my memory as well as my heart. It’s a great testimony to LIFE. THANK YOU KYE for sharing it.

  5. This was a really great video, many viewers could get a different perception of it’s meaning. The Sunscreen Video could be applied to any life lesson we experience. Just like everyone experiences different situations in their life, this could also be applied to teaching the 5 hr class. We teach our students to be the best driver’s they can be and to follow the law while doing so.

  6. I believe the Sunscreen video is a direct correlation to us teaching our 5 hr class. It took a entertaining format to give us facts that we may need to know along with information that the author has compiled that may help us improve our lives. We as teachers can use this as inspiration , and in theory substitute the information we need to pass along to our students in a equally entertaining manner.

  7. Hi,
    I thought the Luhrmann piece was a great lesson in driving a point across and breaking through the clutter that constantly bombards us. Though it was Mr. Luhrmann orchestrating the clutter in a very clever and inviting way it shows that message can break through the chaos. But that said the whole course continues to take my game to a whole new level every week. As I prepare for my presentation I know I have grown in ways that I could not foretell or even imagine. It feels good to know you can stretch. Thank you.

  8. The Sunscreen video is just a life lesson. No matter what you do or end up doing in your life simply remember to wear sunscreen. I see a this video similar as to the 5 hour lesson because we as instructors will come across many different people with different backgrounds and although it will be a “long 5 hour session” for our students maybe one of the topics we talk about will stick to them. Maybe no texting or not drinking, but no matter what topic it is they will remember one thing about the class and that will hopefully make them a safer driver.

  9. The Sun Screen video is a guide to how what path you life should go. I think the sun screen is important to the teaching of the 5 hr class. You can use many things from it to teach. such as the past is done and you cant change it. go on the path to be a safe driver.

  10. The sunscreen video narrator describes many of life’s trials and errors, triumphs and solutions. The do’s and dont’s of the video is clearly relatable to the five HR. class as the narrator try’s to teach the viewers or beginners how to preserve there lifes and to appreciate new experiences and understand the difficult responsibilities they will soon be facing.

  11. The 30 minutes speeches gave me lots ideas on how to make my speech interesting as well as informative. The videos Kye showed us were very nice to include in presentations, and let’s talk about the sun screen video WOW! It brings life experiences full circle, love it. Mixing experiences and facts that’s the way to get people engaged in conversation.

  12. wear sunscreen video: is telling about all the stage of life , happy or sad, thing you should do or not to do. 5 hour class is similar in some way . everything we teach in 5 hour class is just concept of drive . you follow it or not is all depend on you not other. you the only one who can make driving safe or dangerous .

  13. Wearing sunscreen is about life experience and advice, we have responsibility give students good advice on the road.

  14. Wear sunscreen talk about life experience, instructors can use life experiences to teach students.

  15. It was great getting a preview of what our presentations could look like. The sunscreen video was amazing I even went home and showed my sister. the fact that we have no idea whos going to present makes me anxious but hey at least now were all gonna be prepared.

  16. I like the fact how you get the class involved and let us know everyone brings a unique perspective which makes sharing knowledge together translate into better thinking and engagement. I learned how important it is to elaborate on the important issues and seek different opinions about it. Even one simple topic, like seat belt can lead to a 45 minutes discussion.

  17. need to rewatch it with sound (forgot my earbuds…) looks like it draws upon a 360 degree sweep of experience… getting in to the thought of making the presentation and drawing upon the broader view and/or focusing on a specific item….

  18. this is the second time i watched this video and i felt it was completely different from the first time i watched it. either way, the video is very inspiring and makes me want to be a better person

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