Camper to the Board of Director

Speaking with summer staff about telling stories
camp 2

      Camp was fun, and was part of the best times of my life. At Camp Wilbur Herlich I was a camper, camp counselor, a camp director and now sit on the Board of Directors.

Every step of the way was a blast!! Although some hard times were being away at camp, the fond memories overshadow them. It was there I honed my skill of storytelling. Each night I would tell my campers tales to fall asleep. Those tales would ease their minds and calm their fears. Urban City kids may not be scared of planes, trains, and automobiles, but they sure are scared of crickets.


     I made lots of friends in Paterson New York. however, none of them were as great and loving as Wendy.  Wendy Gentile was, and I imagine still is kind, sweet and always willing to be a friend. During those years, from time to time one could see her hand standing against a tree, cartwheeling through the fields or running through the woods chasing gnomes. The memories of her at the camp were amazing. She ran Camp Herlich for many summers.


   I loved the woods and on the hottest summer days, the wind would blow through the wet leaves of the morning. It kept my group nice and cool and my stories kept their imagination running. However, the woods had their drawbacks. For three days, I had no idea why my leg was itching so much or why a mosquito bite would spread that fast. My everyday smile made me laugh discovering it was poison ivy. Calamine lotion never felt so good before that day!

camp 6
camp 5

     At camp, I learned many things about myself, mostly my leadership abilities. I was quite as a child, and very hyper. However, as an adult, I was inspired and became an inspiration to many kids and young adults. As a leader, I learned to balance stern, fair, and flexible traits.

Fairness came in many forms. From time to time, campers would get into trouble. I would sit with them, or play a giant game of chess with them. I would teach them to ask themselves what was the next move, and where would it lead them.

I hiked, fished, played, lived, laughed, smiled, became a friend, made a friend and overall I was someone for someone. Camp continues to be a part of the best events in my life, making me better than i was yesterday today.

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