Camp Director

camp 2      Camp was fun, and was part of the best times of my life. This is Camp Wilbur Herlich where I was a camper, camp counselor and finally a camp director.

Every step of the way was a blast. Although there were some hard times being away at camp, the fond memories over shadow them. It was here that I homed my skill of story telling. Each night I tell my campers a tale to ease their minds and calm their fears. Urban City kids may not be scared of plans, trains and automobiles, but they sure are scared of crickets.

camp3     I made lots of friends in Paterson NY. None of them were as great and loving as Wendy.  Wendy was and  I imagine still is kind sweet and always willing to be a friend. From time to time you would see her doing a handstand on a tree, doing a cartwheel or running through the woods. She was amazing. She ran Camp Herlich for a very long time.

camp    I smiled everyday and even laughed when I got poison ivy. For three days, I had no idea why my leg was itching so much or why a mosquito bite would spread that fast. Calamine lotion never felt so good before that day.

camp 6 camp 5     There I learned many things about myself, mostly my leadership abilities. I was quite as a child, and very hyper. However, as an adult I was inspired and became an inspiration to many kids and young adults. As a leader I was stern, fair, and flexible.

From time to time, campers would get into trouble. I would sit with them, or play a giant game of chess with them. I would teach them to ask themselves what was the next move, and where would it lead them.

I hiked, fished, played, lived, laughed, smiled, became a friend, made a friend and overall I was someone for someone. It was one of the events in my life that made me who I am today.

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