Not another home work assignment!

Should Kids Have Homework?670px-Plan-a-Homework-Schedule-Step-2Homework is an academic institution, but should it be? There’s a growing trend of schools cutting down on homework or cutting it out altogether. What’s your take? Should kids have homework?


  • aspergers and homework issuesHomework is busy work. Many teachers take a one-size-fits-all approach, and their assignments are rarely appropriate for the student’s specific needs.
  • Homework stresses the family. Over 90 percent of American children say their parents are involved with their homework, according to a study by the Indiana University and Purdue University schools of education.
  • Homework squeezes out play. Unstructured play aids the development of academic and social skills.


U turn in homework Y get better grades

  • Homework reinforces classroom instruction. Students need to practice what they learn on their own time, at their own pace.
  • Homework teaches responsibility. The responsibilities of homework mirror the responsibilities adults face at work and at home every day.
  • Homework prepares kids for higher grades. If students aren’t given homework in elementary school, they won’t be able to handle middle school, high school, or college.
What’s Your Opinion?
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