Lesson 2- Instructional Organization and Methods

Leave a comment below about something you liked, and something you think can be done better.

  • We will be able to organize instructional materials and determine proper utilization of media aids
  • We will understand the value of motivation
  • We will be able to present instructional materials
  • We will become familiar with the basic laws of learning.

Link to lesson 2

Online Assignments

March 5th Snow Class

Assignment 1 with quiz and video

Assignment 2 with quiz

5 thoughts on “Lesson 2- Instructional Organization and Methods”

  1. good job .
    thank you for the work, sorry we did not get to meet tonight ,your website is very good.

  2. I Like The Website Is good Way To Study When We Don’t Have class. Great work on the Web page.. it would have been great to get different opinion from other drivers as well, but great work on the Web page.

  3. Glad we were able to do something despite the second class snow cancellation. Had some disconnect between the information provided in chapter 8 and some of the quiz questions. Hopefully I reviewed the correct material for chapter 8 I have the new book.

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