Lesson 2- Using Lesson Plans

Last night’s class, I think went well.


Sorry, so so sorry that i had to miss tonight’s class

Here is your assignment

  1. Read through these slides <~~~~~~~~~ it discusses the importance of planning your lessons

2. Then Read the information below and view the videos.

3. You need to leave a comment about what you have read by saturday morning. Feel free to text any questions to me?


Primary Objectives Covered

  • We were able to discuss how rules are established by trends.
  • —We were able to organize instructional materials and determined proper utilization of media aid.
  • —We were able to understand the value of motivation.
  • —We were able to present instructional materials.
  • —We became familiar with the basic laws of learning.

How were objectives met/Covered

  • Teach the Rules not the exceptions
  • Use lessons plans to maximize learning
  • Lessons should be organized to help student practice skills
  • Six basic lessons
    • Stop and Go
    • Turning from your lane into your lane
    • Parallel Parking (Driving the back of your car)
    • K-turns/Broken U turns/ (Using Gears)
    • Reading lines
    • Reading signs
  • Lessons plan:
    • Motivation
    • Teach skill (Teach)
    • Guide skill with practice (Guided practice)
    • Let student practice skill (Independent practice)
    • Summary, reflections, student questions
    •  Lesson plan  Explained  Time 45min lesson
       Motivation  Helps your student want to learn what you are teaching. Can be done as small talk. Why does your student want to learn today?  1min
       Teach  Teach skill (i.e Stop and go, turning, etc.)  5mins
       Guided Practice  Practice skill together to clear up major/minor misconceptions  10mins
       Independent Practice  Let student practice skill, and began to self correct.  20mins
       Summary, reflections and student questions  Should be done in front of drop off point. Review primary objectives, and secondary objectives. Talk about what was covered and what should be covered next time. Allow student to ask questions.  9mins


  • Fish= Correct way of information being learned
  • Ghoti = misconceptions put together
  • Primary Objectives: Specific skill(s) taught. Should be reviewed at the end of the lesson
  • Secondary Objectives: General information about driving, Good driving habits

Videos watched

Self Driving Car

Tesla Auto Pilot

Tesla Auto Pilot Fail

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25 thoughts on “Lesson 2- Using Lesson Plans”

  1. As much as the importance of organizing a lesson plan and carrying out that plan in search of positive or negative feedback may seem obvious, hearing the benefits helped cement the idea.

  2. I am very excited about the course. Most of the topics are easy confirmed in my daily driving clades.

  3. My First class was very interesting as well as learnable. I learned about Fish (correct way to learn something)
    and Ghoti (misconception), Also, 6 basic lessons. I like my instructors technique of teaching and sense of humor.

  4. Good Afternoon

    Very useful in how you break the time when giving a lesson. Gives me a better understanding that a student should built up confidence.

    I believe a student should receive motivation to make them accomplish there goal which is obtaining their license. Giving a motivation during the lesson gives them more reason to prove themselves they can do it.

    If a student asks a question at the end of the lesson it should be in regards to what they learn or think they need help in.

    The Teach part of the lesson should be 5 mins. because they will be doing it every block they turn.

    Primary objective is to teach the student specific skills and make sure they understand the lesson.
    Secondary objective is maybe answering any question they might have in regards to driving and what they should do when they drive.

  5. David M. Singh Lesson 2 Assignment 09/23/2016
    After reading and reviewing the slides in lesson 2, I feel that I have gathered information that will allow me to be more organized and in control of my instruction. Using what I have learned in this lesson will enable me to put my students at ease and hence make them successful.
    I totally agree that an outline should be available for each lesson so that not only the instructor knows what should be accomplished but the student as well. I feel if the student(s) is aware of what is expected they will work to accomplish that goal. Visuals are excellent! I normally show my students diagrams of the different aspect of driving that they need to master. I feel that this helps me a lot.
    I also agree that the instructor must be prepared; in this way they will be able to put their student at ease for the session, if he/she know what they are doing the student will feel comfortable to be in the class for that session.
    Driving is not successful for first time drivers, they are scared hence it is the instructor’s duty to motivate them and put them at ease. Giving positive feedback goes along away, encouragement is also a key. I agree that instructors should not refer to mistakes made all the time; this I think discourages the student(s). Reinforcing skills learned gave practice hence allowing for better understanding of the skill.
    As instructors we need to take the special consideration(s) of their student. Everyone learns differently, may it be their age, background, learning ability, language or even their experience. These need to be taken into consideration simply because everyone is different and has different learning styles.
    I feel that there should be more secondary objectives, because everyone is different. With a primary objective we try to cover more than one concept hence this can confuse the student based on their learning ability. If those primary objectives are broken down to accomplish one concept at time depending to the student(s) learning ability we can be more successful with the students.

  6. I found this lesson very important to me ,goals,objectives and even create a good atmosphere with the student,but also is very important to be well organized to proyect to the student confident.,in their
    diary driving

  7. The idea of a vehicle driving it self looks awesome. However I think its best that every driver should have total control of the of staring wheel incase there’s some sort of mal function in the vehicle auto pilot.

  8. My second lesson assignment was watching the videos , slide shows as well as reading . I learned the principle of learning and teaching methodology. Goal-the understanding between the instructor and students-be socialize with students and collect information such as about the motivation, experience and more.
    The instruction shouldn’t be reaching out a license only, to gain the knowledge mastering of safe driver too. Objective-understand the value of motivation and became familiar with the basic law of learning. Overview- utilizing classroom and in car methodology which is equally essential for learning experience. The instructor should organize the instruction and lesson planing- topic outline for each lesson, not only giving theoretical, visual too such as film, picture or diagram. Instruction must be prepared by understanding the specific need of individual students and demonstrate each skill at a time throughly from simple to complex. The instructor should also evaluate the student performance and inform the feedback with a positive attitude.

  9. Lesson 2 was very informative, I like the outline for a structured lesson.The need to teach each according to their ability and level of understanding.And how to conduct myself as a teacher is very important.As for the selfdriving car I am not a fan,I like the fact it helped the blind man but before I can change my mind I really need to see how the car is controlled and by what.In my eye’s a human need’s to operate a car.

  10. Lesson 2 packed a lot of info…the slides provided a very basic approach to get the instructor to lay a foundation for teaching. From developing a course outline, to preparing the class and use of aids, in addition, to preparing mentally for tasks while performing in-car instruction. I understood all of this as a prep to instruction or development of standard operating procedures which if used and followed on a consistent basis will lead to less deviation and confusion for the student and will lead to a more focused and professionally delivered subject. The considerations I have to make for the students add another dimension of complexity but over time and with a vigilance for those differences and accommodations needing to be made, the class can be equally as enjoyable by all. Motivation is important–student buy-in is important. I need to make sure that I know I can a make a difference. I must disseminate and encourage that motivation as the instructor and share the excitement about the topic. “I could lead a horse to water but I can’t make him drink” is an unacceptable excuse given this topic and demonstrates that as the instructor I am lacking in passion or excitement and the students know this. My personal feeling is, “I will make the horse drink…but how? I will throw some salt in his mouth on the way to the water.”

    The videos gave us a taste of what life could be like with driverless cars—a lot more has to be done to prepare our nation’s infrastructure for the advent of this technology. The Tesla fail video illustrated how easily the system can mistake a lane line for something else and drive the car in an unsafe manner. Here’s a question to consider: Will making these cars available undo the years of research, the millions invested, and the education about distracted driving nullifed and moot at some point once the bugs and kinks are ironed out? OR WILL the driverless car produce a more engaged driver over time because he or she needs to be alert at ALL TIMES now that the car is driving itself?

  11. Lesson 2 Notes:

    Motivation is a big part of anything you want to do and be successful at. I think with the correct positive attitude towards the student, this can be achieved by explanation and action.

    Students should be encouraged at all times to feel comfortable and ask as many questions as possible, everyone is different and approach things differently. This can lead to understanding the student even better.

    I strongly believe the teaching part and the lesson parts are equally important, because you practice what you teach, put the explanations into motion.

  12. The self driving vehicle’s can make people’s lives better who are unfortunate to drive or can be a convenience for those with busy schedules..it’s a start to the future but it also a foundation for the future as well. They have a concept and now the build apon it to perfect it. Similar to what class lesson 2 was about, teach foundation them build apon it. Build apon it with sub lessons with the main lesson.

  13. I think it’s good to motivate the students before and during the lesson to build up some confidence and keep it going so they don’t be fearful of the car and road

  14. Basic 6 driving lessons are major tasks of driving however new students find difficult some of these basics in the beginning since this is kind of multitasking for drivers. Drivers need to focus on road, read signs, checking mirors all the time , signaling, checking blindspots, changing lanes and etc. Instructors break these small steps for students to make it easier as we discussed in the class.

    Self-driving car is definitely auto-industry’s future but it looks like takes some time to make it perfect and safe for everyone. Also a bunch of tech companies are interested in self-driving car business like Google and Apple because these cars needs some advanced level of software and programs to be safe.

  15. I have learned more so recently that motivation is the key to teaching. If you or your student is not motivated then it makes the job a much harder task. Being able to understand the different circumstances, reasons, and motivations of why someone is learning how to drive makes teaching them a better experience. Added to that, observation is one of the most important things when teaching. Not only is teaching your student how to observe the laws, signs, lanes, traffic, etc etc important but also as an instructor, observing how your student learns. Wether it is by Visual Aide, Media Aides or just by hearing, knowing the best way to teach your student individually will help the student become more able to understand the basics of driving and will make the learning experience that much easier.

    The Self-Driving Car is a great option for the future. It will give people who are no longer able to drive or were always unable to drive the experience of getting where they need to be more independently. I myself have had much trouble some years with being able to drive due to a chronic back injury. I feel with more trials and further improvement the Self-Driving Car will become a huge asset in the near future to all generations

  16. There were many tips and concepts discussed during lesson 2 that were very helpful and interesting. Having an organized lesson plan and motivating your students as a driving instructor were especially helpful tips. Regarding the video on self-driving cars, I hope this can become a reality in the near future to improve the lives of the people in need.

  17. Lesson 2 was great, a lot of useful tips and information. Finding out the students motivation for driving and connecting with them is a big part to their success.

    As for self-driving cars, I do hope it can be successful in the future and most importantly safe.

  18. I think while the self driving vehicles are great and can help people with disabilities get from place to place without depending on others. We must be aware that a computer is piloting the car and humans make these program .One mistake or glitch can be horribly tragic. Still too many what if,s . I think that this class has opened my mind to new and challenging ways to teach drivers the rite way to succeed as a license driver

  19. Lesson-2: It was a great class, went into details of stop and go and turn from lane into lane. Skills such as paddle pressure and observing space around the vehicle are great teaching skills. I also like the bridge between know and want to know.

    Self driving car video: Great, as expected. Well, this is the future of transportation not only for disabled people but but everybody. As far as it goes for the disabled people, it will definitely make people more independent and self sufficient. Can’t wait.

  20. If navigations fail and disconnect from time to time then self driving cars shouldn’t be able to operate on its own for safety reasons.

  21. I like the idea of following the lesson plan, even if the previous skill wasn’t mastered. The student will catch on at his or her own pace.

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